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A cohesive experience in online and in-store shopping is no longer a dream. The point is how far you, engaged in the Retail industry, are customer-centric and on the innovation frontier.

Here and there you come across business intelligent solutions covering in-store purchase automation, IoT retail, smart shopping cart and budget balancing, customer behavior analysis, real-time data synchronization and reporting. Even if you haven’t heard about any, we won’t leave you at a loss.

See as what we can offer you to drive sales, improve customer engagement and retention, enhance supply chain and inventory management, predict and streamline operational efficiency.

Let’s talk about your challenges right now!

Custom Retail Solutions for E-Commerce


Omnichannel Software


Ultimate omnichannel retail solutions that provide a unified environment to manage orders, goods, and customers. Multiple communication and distribution channels in one. Geo-fenced stores with available goods, discounts and promo auctions.

Customers experience

Customer engagement

Customer experience & engagement tools to gain the insight into customer shopping behavior based on many parameters. With built-in analytics and personalization tools, explore consumer preferences and refine interaction and sales strategies.


Marketing & analytics

Leverage the power of advanced analytical tools to efficiently manage marketing campaigns with regard to target devices, brands, geo-locations and stores. We incorporate big data analysis for demand & supply, foresight and forecast.

Payments Solutions

Checkout & Payments

Comprehensive e-commerce solutions with integrated payment gateways, shopping carts and professional checkout systems with refund options, secured payments, customers’ accounts, goods delivery, tracking and in-store return features.

Back-office automation

Back-office automation

Seamlessly integrate up-to-date ERP and CRM systems into your business environment to enhance end-to-end productivity and digitize manual operations. Optimize shipping, logistics and inventory management.

Customers Support

Customers Support

Reduce huge support expenses via automated Q&A systems, chatbots and support websites personalization. Integrate support ticketing system with live chat. Be customer-friendly due to instant contact and prompt issue resolution.

E-Commerce apps are the essential part of OCSICO’s products line. Check out our services for the development of custom retail applications for enterprises and e-commerce organizations.

IoT retail solutions to reshape your strategies

  • cost reduction

    Scalability and cost reduction

    By introducing IoT solutions to your business, you significantly cut on operational costs as no or least human participation is required. This means a lot for large retail channels and multinational companies.

  • indoor navigation

    Shop Navigation

    Leverage the power of indoor navigation solutions within a smart digital environment in your store. Give handy tips and hints for consumers for a better shopping experience both in the entire shopping mall and a single store section.

  • Shopping Carts

    Smart Shopping Carts

    Cross- and up-sell while the buyer is still with a shopping cart. Let them easily select and purchase products, notify about teaser auctions and discounts, offer supplementary items.

  • Access control

    Security and Access control

    Have instant and secure access to the data generated across numerous connected devices with the help of smart IoT solutions. Optimize inventory and supply chain management, monitor physical facilities and access to sensitive areas.

  • stock replenishment

    Smart stock replenishment

    Keep your warehouse optimally stocked with top-selling and profitable products to timely meet upcoming demand. Derive tangible benefits from mobile merchandising apps, inventory and reporting management software, integrated refill IoT solutions.

Don’t miss our exclusive offer for IoT Retail solutions development. Discuss with us your needs for indoor navigation, unrestricted product information access, smart stock replenishment, inventory process improvements, and many other needs.

Social networks to expand the target audience and grow business



Custom Community Solution

Socialize your custom retail App by adding advanced avenues of communication and feedback collection: live web chats, FAQs, forums, blogs and other social media services.


Ads and promotion campaigns

Advance with flexible and customizable tools to create and distribute promotion campaigns through different social networks. Monetize your interactions.

Data Mining

Data mining and analytics

Aggregate information via Facebook and Twitter APIs. Analyze customer opinion, detect new trends, track the business reputation of competitors.

A&B Testing

A&B testing and focus groups

Open, closed or private groups to palpate reactions to your business initiatives. Target audience via dedicated groups across different geo-locations and online options.




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