Transportation Management Software

Custom logistics software developed by OCSICO suits any clients’ business size and industry requirements. Innovative technologies fuel our solutions for storage, distribution and shipment of goods at the right time, to the right consumer. These custom systems optimize and improve the activities of managing staff, forwarding agents, drivers and workers in the field for better business outcomes and positive revenue growth.

Transportation and logistics solutions

We help our clients to meet modern logistics needs by developing supply chain management systems, providing warehouse facilities optimization and on-time distribution capabilities, efficient route mapping and cost-reducing transportation services. In close cooperation with our clients, we generate bright ideas and deliver substantial logistics products that grant numerous perks:

  • Fine-tune clients’ existing systems
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs
  • Ensure security to all logistics and transportation processes
  • Facilitate rout planning and reduce delivery time
  • Calculate costs, bills and other expenditures
  • Enable imaging and scanning tools for visualization
  • Streamline communication and data reporting


OCSICO’s top-notch development principles

Compliance with local regulations
Requirements management
Project management based on customer requirements
Integration with existing management systems

Bright Solutions for Smart Business

Supply chainSupply Chain Management
Our value-added solutions ensure swift and efficient delivery of goods to clients’ locations. Secure transportation and distribution services give consumers a competitive advantage in the fast-changing market. The systems created by our developers open effective ways to deploy and implement supply chains, manage production processes, shipment and distribution of orders and streamline logistics activities.
DistributionWarehousing and Distribution
Both consumers and logistics services providers need flexible and cost-efficient distribution networks and delivery strategies. Our solutions provide the insight into inventory management and storage facilities enabling staff to manage inbound and outbound supplies, shipment and storage, optimize space facilities, document and analyze overall system performance. These logistics software systems synchronize the work of WMS, TMS and ERP employed by a client.
Freight optimizationFreight Forwarding Optimization
Apt and timely shipment of goods by land, sea or air is not an easily manageable task. That is why our custom logistics solutions are tailored to automate all shipment processes, eliminate manual activities and related errors, ensure secure and cost-saving freight delivery operations. They provide forwarding agents and managers with the range of tools for messaging and quoting, billing and invoicing, imaging and scanning.
Custom softwareCustom Transportation Software
Our high-quality transportation solutions is a real custom fit for a client to remain on top of the ever-changing market. Such systems speed up delivery services, provide most efficient route planning tools and enable real-time communication between drivers and managing staff. Choosing our solutions, the clients can enhance asset management, gain control over all stages of delivery arrangement and order transportation, thus cutting down on expenditures.

Bringing Logic and Power into Solutions

Our expert developers always come up with bright ideas to meet our clients’ fleet navigation logistics and order transporting needs and aspirations:

  • Portfolio-based experience in web and mobile development for different transportation modes
  • Processes transparency and utter optimization while developing innovative custom systems
  • Accounting and reporting capabilities to faultlessly process great amounts of logistics data
  • Intuitive interface to optimize system performance
  • Real-time monitoring systems to avoid accidents and ineffective workflows


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