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Healthcare Software

OCSICO offers 15+ years’ experience in creating and supporting effective custom software solutions for medical and healthcare organizations. We have built substantial expertise through cooperation with private clinics, medical centers, state organizations, hospitals and research laboratories.

Our clients trust us with the high quality of software solutions and IT consulting services. We solve clients’ challenges of different complexity related to healthcare business intelligence and data analytics, business administration, automation of business processes, cost-effective development and support services.

How can we help you save more lives?

Outstanding Solutions for Healthcare


Medical Research

Medical Research & Data Analysis

Our solutions assist in collecting, processing and visualizing Big Data required to conduct complex medical studies. All our solutions are HIPAA-compliant and enable you to work with different data sources, cooperate with remote specialists and laboratories.

Processes Automation

Processes Automation

We develop and implement business automation solutions that meet the stringent standards of the healthcare industry. Customizable ERP and CRM systems allow medical staff to focus more on life-saving needs instead of administrative routine.


Medical Websites

Our custom web portals allow convenient navigation through services lists and doctors’ profiles and support integration with CRM and billing systems. These solutions are based on healthcare CMS systems with integrated workflow functionality.

Mobile applications

Mobile healthcare applications

We have a great experience and follow industry best practices in the development of mobile apps for different healthcare and wellness needs. We ensure high optimization and complete compatibility of our apps with any types of mobile devices.

Medication systems

Medication management systems

Our team is ready to create professional medication storage, tracking and reporting systems and undertake the development of sophisticated prescription management software. We guarantee certified software compliance with local regulations.


Support and Maintenance

We understand the importance of seamless and efficient work of the IT infrastructure for health organizations. We offer 24/7 maintenance and support to stay in touch with our clients and detect and prevent all possible issues in advance.

Why Cooperate With OCSICO

  • Design

    Great Design and Creative Approach

    We create convenient and user-friendly adaptive interfaces. Our skilled UX experts can craft engaging mobile-friendly design.

  • Integration

    Easy-to-integrate solutions

    Our solutions are cost-efficient since they support integration with internal hospitals systems to ensure transparent workflows and facilitated data exchange.

  • security

    Security and data protection

    We deliver first-rate 360° information guard systems for protecting personal data.

  • big data

    Data-driven analytics

    We take expert approach working with Big Data, data mining, analytics, medical research infrastructure and data visualization.

  • business solutions

    Business-focused solutions

    We help you develop and integrate custom e-commerce solutions based on your organization’s medical practices.



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