Route optimization and geofencing

Business environment is quickly changing nowadays. Hence, leadership belongs to those companies that utilize the latest technology to perform better at less costs. Transportation, logistics and delivery companies automate their processes with route optimization software to get ahead of competitors.

Currently the transportation industry faces many challenges. Seems like low margin, unstable fuel prices, high competition level are just some of them. Businesses, especially large transportation companies, have to become more dynamic to compete. Therefore, they need to constantly compromise between optimal and feasible routes.

Route planning models

Route planning software collects information about orders from OMS or ERP systems. Traditional batch processing model dictates to create a route after all the input data about batch of orders is received.

Classic batch route planning software

This classic model gives less flexibility to compare to continuous route optimization model.  Using the latter fleet managers optimize routes on the way to include newly received orders.

Planning using route optimization software

Route optimization software solution allows to regenerate the vehicle route to include new stops in the most optimal way. Consequently, it leads to reduction of operational costs and increase of overall customer satisfaction.

Route optimization software

OCSICO can assist you with development of custom-made route optimization software. Such solutions bridge information about the vehicle current location and scheduled activities to generate optimized vehicle routing plans.

Since there is a large number of constrains and input data to take into account, manual planning is hardly doable.

Input data for route planning software


Geofencing in Telematics is sometimes referred as “Big Brother”. In fleet management, this tracking method provides information about trucks entering or leaving certain geographic areas. As a result, fleet managers will receive the geo-fencing alarm, if drivers ignore “working hours” or “geofencing zone” rules. Building optimized routes using geofencing ensures substantial expenses reduction for the company.

Quite representative is an example of a North-American clearance-services company managing a fleet of over sixteen thousand trucks without permanent garages. Routing solution employed by the company allows to park the cars entirely on the parking lots near job sites.

Latest reports reveal that driver behavior is the main reason why companies are using telematics. According to the recent study on Telematics, nearly 70% noticed improved driver behavior and more accurate resource utilization after introduction of geofencing technology to their management operations.

Reasons to choose OCSICO

For nearly fifteen years, OCSICO team has been delivering software development services to the customers in 30 countries. Clients order route optimization software from us aiming to improve their processes. Solutions delivered by OCSICO ensured the following competitive advantages to our clients:

  • Minimized routes distance and fuel consumption.
  • Improved utilization fewer trucks, better capacity usage.
  • Better control over planning and execution processes.
  • Increased on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction.
  • Improved transparency and driver management.

OCSICO can also integrate your route optimization software with various employed systems:

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions calculate the availability of orders placed for production.
  • Order management software (OMS) receives orders and schedules them for dispatch .
  • Telematics systems monitor the ‘live’ delivery status and control the driver through geofencing.


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