Healthcare Software Development

Leading tech providers focus on developing innovative systems to solve mission-critical and life-saving tasks. State-of-the-art solutions developed for the healthcare domain provide clinics, hospitals and health-conscious individuals with powerful tools that allow responding to the specific patients’ needs.

Healthcare Software services

OCSICO addresses challenges met by the medical software industry through developing custom solutions and innovation-driven web and mobile apps. We know that the cornerstone of any healthcare solution is effective communication. That is why we embed effective communication channels between patients and doctors. 15 years of successful functioning on the market makes us a reliable IoT provider, able to deliver solutions for assisted living facilities, systems dealing with management of medical records and many more. We leverage the power of technologies to benefit our clients in many ways:

  • Improve hospital workflow and patient management
  • Streamline doctor-patient communication
  • Provide remote patient monitoring applications
  • Promote connected technologies and remote healthcare
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Enhance patient experience


OCSICO’s top-notch development principles

Health information privacy
Respect to health information privacy
Medical cloud
“Go to Cloud” approach
Mobile first
Mobile first, adaptive design

Solutions that expand horizons of healthcare delivery

 IoT technologies

IoT Solutions

Connected devices and technologies digitally transform the domain. The development of IoT solutions focuses on crafting remote health monitoring and patient activity tracking applications, telemedicine systems, real-time communication services, systems for health data collection, processing, storing and sharing. Custom-built IoT software boasts better scalability and cost-efficiency making healthcare affordable even for uninsured patients.

 Custom Solutions

Custom Medical Solutions

To stay efficient on the consumer-driven market, the services deliverers opt for all-in-one solutions. In order to meet this requirement, software vendors build innovative custom products employing latest technologies. Such systems improve practice management services, enable instant and smooth communication with patients and facilitate health-monitoring activities.

 Healthcare data visualizations

Imaging & Visualization

Advanced systems provide robust tech bases for healthcare researchers in disease prevention, treatment of impairment and patient rehabilitation. The merge of imagery data software with AI programs allows implementation of the leading-edge therapies. Tools for manual and automated processing of 3D visual data, accurate diagnostic and disease prevention activities improve the quality of services.

 CRM and EHR systems

Data Management

Care delivery is patient-centered and requires efficient solutions to fine-tune the workflow of medical facilities. It is vital to ensure the clockwork precision of CRM and EHR systems, analytical apps for gathering and interpreting data, telemedicine software and hospital management systems. And of course, patients enjoy the highly personalized treatment and best medical care.

 Medical websites

Websites development

A highly performing web portal is one of the crucial drivers in earning patients’ trust and increasing credibility of a company in the medical market. CMS-based websites make services easily accessible to patients. Built-in tools allow to timely update consumers with valuable information and raise general awareness of various therapies.

 Data Analysis

Research & Data Analysis

Thoroughly analyzed and well-structured data increases the value of care delivery. Scalable HIPAA-compliant analytic solutions allow healthcare facilities and medical professionals to round up raw data from various sensors or data-accumulating platforms and process it in an accurate manner. The systems also optimize workload, assist in financial management and facilitate better-informed decision-making.

 Hospital Software

Hospital Management Software

Hospital services should be brought to a qualitatively new level. Efficient CRM and EHR solutions draw on the data from patients’ profiles and assist in delivering personalized treatment, thus increasing consumers’ loyalty. Care facilities can adopt simultaneously a number of valuable ready-to-use systems, such as medical billing solutions, outpatient record management and revenue cycle management systems. As an option, they can also use third-party software customization services and, as a result, receive a single product covering most of their needs.

 Medical Apps

Mobile Apps for Medical Staff

The ubiquitous use of mobile devices brings a new touch to the healthcare tech development. Medical staff accesses patients’ data and coordinates treatment remotely through various devices. Mobile apps provide healthcare professionals with real-time patient monitoring tools, video/voice communication services, data sharing and scheduling opportunities.

 Patients applications

Mobile Apps for Patients

Effective patient-doctor communication demands instant and smooth remote connection. Assisted living facilities and health-conscious consumers widely employ mobile apps. HIPAA-compliant mobile solutions engage patients into the treatment processes: update on the effectiveness of treatment, notify about ongoing changes reducing health risks, grant access to various sensors and allow health data collection and sharing.

Reputable Software Developers for Ground-breaking Solutions


With over 15 years of expertise in healthcare software development, our company promises trustworthy cooperation by following next principles:

  • Merge up-to-date and cost-effective approaches into the development process
  • Bring to the project our expertise in real-time healthcare applications and IoT-driven solutions
  • Ensure compliance with security requirements and HIPAA, ICD-10, DICOM standards
  • Offer expert knowledge of third-party systems customization
  • Equip our clients with competitive software by using proven technologies and tools

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