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According to experts’ report, the fleet management market will double in size in the forthcoming 4 years and make it 22 billion USD in 2020.

Every business depends on the transportation, directly or not. Those industries that rely on the transportation infrastructure directly, like supply chain or taxi service, need to increase efficiency of their vehicle usage in order to gain competitive advantages among competitors.

In order to do so companies need to optimize different processes, including vehicle maintenance, trip and fuel management, etc. Usage of innovative electronic fleet management system ensures easier identification and addressing of possible problems related to fleet management.

It’s vital for the efficiency of large fleet operations to move from paper-based to electronic input and processing of data. When choosing a Fleet Management Software (FMS) the vehicle fleet owner/manager acquires a possibility to:

  • Make informed decisions based on large volumes of analyzed statistical data;
  • Easily identify and address possible problems related to vehicle maintenance, trip management, etc.

Custom fleet management solutions

Fleet management software is a powerful tool to improve the performance of a whole organization. Such solutions help fleet owners and software users to deal with two major categories of challenges:

Budgeting and expense tracking Fleet management system helps to perform the historical expenditures analysis. Based on the received data the vehicle fleet owner can plan future spending, foresee possible issues and get the mitigation plan ready.
Policies and compliance tracking Fleet management software assists with building a system and processes that ensure effective vehicle fleet and drivers management, company compliance with the best industry practices and governmental regulations.

When considering what kind of fleet management software is the best choice for a particular company, the decision-makers must first contemplate automation of which operation functions would offer greater return on investments.

After bottlenecks are identified, the market offering is explored. Selecting a right fleet vehicle management software for a particular company is not a trivial task. For example, an expensive ready-made IT solution might be superfluous, while cheaper option might become unsuitable when company grows. The main goal is to select a scalable and flexible solution that will remain suitable as the company develops.

Market analysis may reveal that there is no ready-made software to solve the existing problems: the available solutions are over budget with many redundant features, or not tuned for a company’s size/industry, or there no needed proposition on the market. If so, custom development of the proprietary fleet management software by the reliable software development vendor will become the only remaining option.

OCSICO domain expertise

OCSICO has proven history of developing custom software solutions for the fleet management industry. Fleet owners turn to our team with their requests to develop a turnkey system for them, when market offering cannot meet their expectations due to the specifics of the customer’s internal processes, already employed software solutions, changes in regulations, etc. Our key domain competences cover:



OCSICO experts have gained vast experience in developing custom fleet management solutions. The fleet management services industry has experienced quite a few transformations over the recent years. We constantly monitor and follow the market trends, such as:

  • Shift towards mobile fleet management solutions and cloud-based applications;
  • Broader usage of smartphones instead of vehicle-mounted hardware devices;
  • Increased emphasize on safety and driver management, etc.

For some consumers specific fleet management modules are of higher priority. Our business analysts are ready to examine your business processes, define the bottlenecks and develop the most suitable software for your company.


Fleet management software for Service Companies.

For the service companies, like moving service or towing service firms, the real-time information on vehicles, resources, and drivers’ availability is crucial for the effective functioning. OCSICO knows how to make Vehicle fleet management software (providing fleet monitoring capability and planning of vehicle usage) and Inventory management software (allowing in-house fleet maintenance) work in the most optimal way.

FMS for Vehicle Rental and Transportation Companies.

As for the car rental or public transport field, here the compliance with governmental regulations and safety comes first. Thus,  Driver management module is very important for this type of fleet management solutions consumers. OCSICO team can develop this function allowing to check, if a driver has needed skills, certifications, licenses to comply with existing regulation.


Fleet management systems for Distribution and Delivery.

Smart route selection with Trip management module (effective route planning, fleet vehicle tracking and geo-fencing) provides logistics companies with a possibility to eliminate unneeded detours, alongside with effective management of the fuel consumption with Fleet fuel management module (using card-based or onsite fleet fuelling systems) increases their revenue.

Fleet management solution for Heavy Machinery Companies.

Most of the fleet management solutions for the heavy machinery work mostly with Vehicle maintenance (timely truck fleet maintenance), Vehicle leasing (ease of work with car loans or auto leasing contracts) and Inventory management (parts availability, orders and returns) functions.

heavy machinery-round

As a mature software development company, OCSICO has knowledge and skills to develop a totally new innovative software solution perfectly suitable for your business or customize any of the existing open-source fleet management solutions to better meet your needs.


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