Fleet Management Software Development

custom fleet management software development

OCSICO provides leading custom fleet management solutions that drive businesses of various sizes to industry excellence. We integrate cutting-edge technologies, software services and SaaS approach to create cost-effective, easy-deployable web and mobile systems for individuals and enterprises. Case by case, our team tailors refined custom software in line with consumers’ specific needs, hardware stacks, ERP and accounting settings, security standards and client’s local labor regulations.





custom fleet maintenance software

Fleet Maintenance

Our high-quality software solutions are the most reliable way to maintain the fleet and related equipment keeping each vehicle safe, timely repaired and available. Cost optimizing systems that we deliver enable such advantages as maintenance scheduling and preventing capabilities, compliance with vehicle-related legislation, warranty and insurance tracking functionalities, parts inventory and tire management systems, vehicle maintenance log and repair history data provision.

custom custom logistics software

Logistics & Transportation

We provide businesses with a competitive advantage in the industry market. Our custom logistics systems hit the target by streamlining supply chains, warehousing and distribution, freight forwarding processes and other related activities. Automation and optimization eliminate human-related errors, enable better decision-making, allow taking a revenue-boosting approach, ensure compliance with industry practices and governmental regulations.

IoT for vehicle tracking

IoT & Vehicle Tracking

Our IoT based solutions enable real-time monitoring and communication activities, eliminate equipment downtime by displaying alerts, ensure driver safety due to the remote supervision of speed limits, etc. We go beyond standard GPS/A-GPS technologies and provide innovative Indoor positioning systems powered by Bluetooth based application, Wi-Fi solution and Magnetic Fields based systems that eliminate signal loss and require no installation costs.

Accident Tracking & Claim Management Apps

Accident Tracking & Claim Management

We develop accident case management, towing service arrangement and repair process management modules that help staff to gather repair notifications, automate insurance paperwork, handle courtesy cars, save time and vehicle repair costs. These software solutions allow scanning, storing and managing different types of accident-related evidence, getting vehicles back on the road in no time and minimizing accident-related costs due to the comprehensive processes automation.

Route Optimization & Geo-fencing solutions

Route Optimization & Geo-fencing

Our solutions are based on continuous route optimization model and geo-fencing tracking method and allow reporting vehicle current location and scheduled activities and permit automated regeneration of a vehicle route based on belated data. The tracking method provides information on trucks entering or leaving certain geographic areas. Consistency and timeliness ensure substantial costs savings, more dynamic businesses activities and increase customer satisfaction.

custom Dispatch Management software

Dispatch Management

Businesses and individuals require professional assistance to deal with multiple vehicles or provide quality goods-delivering services. They can succeed by using our custom software solutions for supply chain, delivery service, transportation, freight forwarding industry and computer-aided emergency systems. These solutions automate vehicle assignment, route and delivery scheduling, enable driver tracking and tasking, communication with workers in the field, reports generating tools, etc.


Budgeting and Expense Tracking

Our tracking solutions assist in performing historical expenditures analysis. Using the data generated by such systems, a vehicle fleet owner can effectively plan future spendings, foresee possible difficulties and get the mitigation plan ready.

Compliance Tracking

Policies and Compliance Tracking

These tracking solutions developed by our professionals assist with the processes of effective vehicle fleet management and driver’s activities monitoring, ensure company’s compliance with the best industry practices and governmental regulations.

Ocsico’s Best Practices


  • real-time processing
  • automation
  • BI consulting
  • IoT innovations

15 years of digitalizing and transforming the fleet industry have earned OCSICO clients trust and loyalty. Our extensive portfolio highlights top-notch custom fleet management software and elegant IoT-based solutions that completely evolve the industry. They enable advanced capabilities to reduce associated risks and improve overall performance:


  • Capacity planning/ Route scheduling/ Consignation tracking systems
  • Dispatch/ Asset/ Inventory/ Procurement management systems
  • Solutions for Cloud/ On-premise/ Mobile/ Telematics devices
  • Software for real-time indicator monitoring/ data gathering/ predictive analytics
  • Advances OS&D reporting systems
  • Automated and secure invoicing & payment mechanisms
  • Integration with customers ERP, CRM, WMS and TMS
  • Intuitive interface and low deployment & maintenance costs


OCSICO’s Fleet Management Expertise Matrix


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