Fleet maintenance software


Fleet maintenance software is a key to reducing vehicle maintenance costs and extending fleet lifespan.

Fleet Maintenance is one of the most common and vital modules of fleet management software solutions. It is primarily designed to simplify the job of fleet managers and business executives with regards to managing a company’s fleet, reducing equipment downtime, increasing overall efficiency and complying with local vehicle-related legislation.

A regular Fleet Maintenance Software solution often includes:

  • Maintenance Scheduling software (including preventive maintenance software);
  • Vehicle maintenance Log and Repair History;
  • Parts Inventory and Tire Management;
  • Fuel Tracking;
  • Warranty and Insurance Tracking;
  • Work Order Management.

Nowadays, vehicle maintenance software systems are widely used by many transportation and logistics companies as it is the most reliable and convenient way to effectively manage their fleet and equipment. The solution helps to ensure that each vehicle or piece of equipment is safe, well maintained and accounted for, and is always available for use.

The main aim of the truck maintenance software is to ensure extended vehicle lifespan because of timely maintenance and repairs. Which is more, automation of business processes allows to increase overall efficiency and productivity due to paperwork elimination, reduction of vehicles downtimes, compliance procedures setup. Moreover, usage of maintenance programs for small or large fleets leads to substantial savings on maintenance costs, fuel and tire expenses.

Custom fleet maintenance software solution

There are a lot of ready-to-use solutions available on the market. However, as it turns out, they can rarely fully meet transportation or logistics companies’ unique needs because each business has an exclusive corporate policy and procedures, different ERP and accounting systems and constantly changing local safety and labor regulations.

To have a fully functional vehicle maintenance app and to gain the most efficient productivity as a result of its deployment, it is always better to turn to custom development because of its various advantages over available off-the-shelf solutions. Below are some of those advantages:

Below are some of those advantages:

  • Any custom functionality desired;
  • Seamless integration with the company’s existing infrastructure;
  • Greater efficiency;
  • Ability to easily maintain, update and customize the software at any time by request;
  • Greater information security;
  • Easier to understand and use;
  • No subscription costs to worry about;
  • Low external risks;
  • Better overall long-term investment.

Custom software development, however, has a few drawbacks:

  • Longer deployment time;
  • Higher upfront costs.

The aforementioned drawbacks, however, are easily overshadowed by the numerous advantages the custom development provides: the majority of companies eventually decide to develop their vehicle maintenance program from scratch. Here OCSICO, as a reliable and experienced software development company, with deep knowledge in fleet management domain can be very useful.

The team at OCSICO were very co-operative with us in taking our vehicle inspections app idea from the conceptual phase and building it out into a fully-fledged system that runs across mobile and desktop applications. They were very accommodating with our changes throughout the development process and made every effort to ensure our vision was met. We now have a game-changing app that is being used in the construction industry and are very happy with the result!

I.W., Managing Director
Inspections Solutions Company

Fleet maintenance app development with OCSICO


Rule 1: Follow the market trends

OCSICO has been following all of the transformations and innovations in the fleet vehicle maintenance software and the broader fleet management solutions industry that have occurred over the recent years.
We can conclude that:

  • There is a shift towards mobile applications with rich built-in functionality;
  • Smartphones and tablet computers are broader used in maintenance programs;
  • Competition has increased and the varieties of products are available on the market;
  • Modern fleet maintenance systems shifted from desktop to cloud and SaaS solutions.

Rule 2: Choose what is right for your business

Our experienced business analysts can consider customer’s business processes and help to define, which features of a custom fleet maintenance management solution are of higher priority for the company:

  • Daily reminder dashboard;
  • Automatic maintenance scheduling;
  • Inventory management (parts, tires, lubricants, etc.);
  • Automatic generation of work orders, purchase orders and invoices;
  • Assigning of work orders to individuals;
  • Maintenance reminders via email;
  • Push notifications of various events;
  • Vehicle maintenance record;
  • Vendor database;
  • Field inspections reports and questionnaires filing ;
  • Fuel usage and performance analysis;
  • Advanced maintenance tracking software (maintenance and repairs, fuel usage, warranty, insurance, state safety inspections, smog checks, etc.);
  • Vehicle history;
  • Daily or periodic inspections review;
  • Automatic Reports generation;
  • Export of information into company’s existing financial or accounting system;
  • and much more.

Rule 3: Select the right supplier

OCSICO receives numerous requests to create custom fleet management solutions with innovative features and smooth integration with each company’s existing infrastructure. Our customers chose us because:


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