Fleet accident and claim management system


Vehicle accidents statistics:

The U.S. National Safety Council reports around 10 million vehicle accidents annually, from parking scraps to multi-car collisions.

Everyday thousands of accidents happen all over the world, sad but true. However, when that accident involves company fleet and drivers, the whole process of chasing repairs, filing insurance paperwork and getting the driver back on the road can prolong lengthy.

Modern fleet management software solutions can take the stress out of the company, save fleet managers’ time and costs. Accident and claim management module of such systems handle the entire process – from gathering repair quotes and managing insurance claims, to handling courtesy cars and getting your fleet vehicle back on the road again:

  • Accident case management. This module allows to ease case reporting, forms filling-in, and management of damage claims to third-party vehicle. As a result, the quality of case handling is improved, case-processing time is reduced, and quicker driver and a car return on road is ensured.
  • Towing service arrangement. This functionality ensures 24/7 contact with the closest towing service company to move the vehicle from the place of accident to the repair station, if needed.
  • Repair process management. Fleet managers are able to control the complete repair workflow from collecting costs estimates, though repair progress and up to warranty management. It automates documents processing and process management functions.



1. Processes automation. In recent years, the strategies of accident and claim management have been changing rapidly. It goes without saying that the main tendency refers to the full automation of the process. The electronic management has already replaced the used-to-be one.

2. Real-time communication. The communication between driver and fleet operator, fleet manager and insurance company, customer and repair center should occur on a real-time basis to minimize the negative consequences of the accident. Users want to see important information on a real-time basis, whether it is live pictures of damaged vehicles, repair updates, or trends analyses.

3. BI and decision support solutions. Internet-based information management systems make it possible to really be on top of all accident-related data and make smarter decisions. In addition, information that links accident data, driver profiles, and trends can help a company perform predictive analysis and modify driver behavior, with far-reaching implications for a company’s risk profile and collision management performance.



  • Accident and claim management system handle the administrative side of claims processing, communicate with insurance companies and check the adjustment of the claim. Their primary aim is to minimize accident-related costs;
  • With the system, fleet managers are able to track the claim processing status and observe all claims-related data;
  • Systems’ volume database stores all contacts for each claim. Moreover, incoming mail, faxes and even photographic evidence can be scanned into the relevant file;
  • It is possible to generate all relevant documentation automatically;
  • Fleet manager can analyze the accidents and claim using the data stored and available for reporting;
  • Such systems improve case handling, reduce time spent on each case processing and increase quality of service company’s clients receive.


If the company really wants the accident tracking & claim management solution to be perfectly tailored to suit its needs, the custom development will become a right decision.


  • Custom solution is ideal to fit the unique peculiarities of company’s business and to accomplish the specific tasks;
  • Custom systems cover the full range of features the modern market tendencies dictate;
  • With customized solution fleet managers are in charge of all updates and improvements, the support becomes more personalized;
  • It is company owner/manager to choose which features to automate in order to simplify the inner processes, which leads to skyrocketing productivity.


OCSICO is respected as being a reliable supplier of custom fleet management software solutions on the market. As a part of our offering we can provide:


  • consultation on the current status and your needs taking into consideration the specificity of your company;
  • profound advice on technology stack and architecture choices;
  • development of a unique software product which corresponds with your company’s specific needs;
  • constant system support and back up by our experienced team.


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