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E-Commerce solutions


At OCSICO, we will assist you in pushing your business forward in the E-Commerce industry and making your products, customers, stores, feedback and marketing digital. Every day we develop and deliver e-commerce applications for our clients from around the globe. For more than 12 years, we have been gathering unique expertise from different markets in different countries to provide the best expert solutions.

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Reach the top in E-Commerce

sales enforcement

Be competitive

Push your sales to global markets with E-shops. Integrate with most popular online marketplaces. Advertise on social networks and mobile apps.

effective ERP solutions

Be effective

Cut expenses with modern ERP or CRM solutions. Manage customer feedback to instantly engage your consumers. Use personalization tools to boost your sales.

big data advantages

Be aware

Employ Big Data to analyze and generate trends. Track the market insights. Monitor global and local analytics to manage your e-business.

E-Commerce innovations

Be innovative

Provide your consumers with the IoT and In-Store Navigation. Protect transactions by Blockchain. Use customer support chatbots and augmented reality.


E-Commerce Solutions

Special objectives of each client’s business require a unique custom e-commerce solution. We recommend starting with IT Consulting & Business Analysis in order to pick all the needed components and design your optimal solution.

Omnichannel solutions

Omnichannel Retail

Our Omnichannel solutions ensure consistency to all business processes, expand distribution channels and geographical presence of client’s goods and services. Omnichannel philosophy allows maintaining the integrity of customer’s business at all levels:

ProductionSupply ChainLogisticsIntermediaries


Customer Experience & Engagement

Open new possibilities of digital economy for your business and for your customers.

e-Retail Commerce solutions

Global retail

We offer to our clients unified digital retail strategies for web, mobile and physical stores, deliver integrated e-commerce solutions for catalogs of goods, for monitoring the availability of products, shopping charts, payments, on-time delivery and customer support. Our clear and transparent solutions meet the interests of everybody involved in your business: customers, intermediaries, employees and all the counterparties interested in your business process.

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Web Experience Personalization


Our developers apply modern trends to custom e-commerce solutions allowing your website visitors to find exactly what they need on each landing page. A built-in flexible system for analytics and personalization allows accurate predicting of your consumers’ needs and behavior and provides consumers with the information they are looking for without extra clicks and search. You can personalize anything you need i.e. content, graphics, sales, offers, controls and so on.

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Data analysis

Data Mining and Big Data analysis

So far, you have access to a huge amount of legal information about your clients, site visitors and random people who come across your store. All you need now is to effectively collect and aggregate data. We will assist you with implementing technologies for secure data mining and real-time data processing.

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Web Built-in Analytics

Custom analytics

Built-in analytical instruments within our e-commerce solutions offer fantastic capabilities and flexibility of customer’s systems. By using them, you can find social profiles of your clients, track the movement of a computer cursor or analyze the attention focus of your website visitors. You can conduct content and proposal effectiveness test, such as A/B testing. A flexible system of rules also allows launching successful sale campaigns.

#Tracking #A&B Testing #Profiling #Goals #Campaigns

custom logistics software

Internet of Things

Our IoT solutions open new horizons in retail, merchandising and in-store navigation providing our clients with new amazing purchasing experience and outstanding possibilities for after-sales services. The IoT is no longer an expensive toy – it is the industry standard with a mature infrastructure. It can cover whole supply chains reducing human participation and enhancing inventory processes.


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E-Commerce Technologies

OCSICO has a wide technological portfolio and provides services for the development, customization and integration of e-commerce solutions.

Zen Cart
Drupal Commerce




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