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With the continuous sprawl of digital and paper documents across different departments, companies are on the lookout for technology-driven solutions to effectively manage any type of company information.

OCSICO addresses your challenges with the development of custom document management software. Our business analysts take into account each aspect of the document circulation in your company. Our developers and QA work hard to eventually deliver a secure, easy-to-use and workflow-oriented solution.

Capitalize on cutting-edge paperless document management systems or hybrid solutions for the management of both hard copies and electronic versions.

Enhance workforce productivity, reduce time and efforts spent on tedious search, reviewing and sharing documents.

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SharePoint Document Management Solutions

OCSICO develops and maintains custom document management solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint platform. These solutions can be seamlessly integrated with the existing desktop applications, e-mail and web browsers, thus offering simple and consistent user experience.

Share Point boosts high-level security, scalability, excellent performance and solid storage capacity. It is ideal for the development of corporate document management systems and cloud applications with a wealth of collaboration and backup features.


We also help you migrate documents, workflows, databases to SharePoint, ensuring smooth and transparent transition with no teardowns and downtimes.

As a Microsoft partner, we offer a full range of MS SharePoint development services for SharePoint Online, On-Premises and Office 365. Contact Us to get SharePoint consulting.

Document management perks




Drive security, legal validity and document management efficiency with electronic signatures. Relieve the staff from time-consuming printing, signing, scanning of the document with e-Signature added in a few clicks.

reviewing tools

Versions control

Assume full control over the changes made in the documents. Within our system, you can easily track, approve and review corrections. Make co-editing work on the same document easy for on-premise and scattered employees.



Leverage the power of collaboration tools for faster outcomes and better communication between designers, HTML coders, proofreaders, sales and marketing departments, project managers and other parties involved in creating content.

access rights

Access level rights

Systematize all your files and documents across catalogs, and manage multi-level access the way you need: for a single user or a group, to a separate document or entire folder.


Intelligent search

Categorize and memorize search results for faster retrieval of necessary documents. With the build-in question-answering system and spell checker, the search gets even smarter.

workflow automation

Workflow customization

Create custom tasks and document management scenarios for knowledge workers. Adjust the workflow to a specific project, department or user group; track the progress and notify of updates.


Knowledge management solutions


The business information circulating in your company comprises a myriad of documents, corporate emails or resolution tickets, transcripts from ad-hoc and brainstorming meetings. Whatever information management issue you face, we help you capture, classify and store knowledge so that it remains consistent and reusable over time.

Check out our knowledge management approaches to make the intellectual capital a valuable asset to your company.

Knowledge extraction

It is a key to an ultimate knowledge management system. We leverage modern technologies to retrieve and extract information out of reams of corporate documents.

Knowledge verification

Support your decision-making with relevant and verified information. We ensure that your knowledge base is highly protected and always up-to-date to let you act with confidence.

Knowledge actualization

Knowledge is dynamic: something is in progress in the background, but you are unaware of it. We let you actualize knowledge to smoothly embrace any change.


Why working with OCSICO

  • Custom solutions expertise
    Over the years, we have successfully completed hundreds of custom software development projects. We research, analyze and apply the technologies that best fit your environment and specific business needs.
  • Product live circle management
    We don’t let bespoke document management systems to become legacy. Upon any changes in your company, we jointly keep up with the dynamics to provide automatic updates and smart technical support.
  • Migration & integration services
    Our expertise covers integration of custom solutions with in-house applications, data and services transition to cloud storage. Seamless processes go unnoticed by your staff.
  • Industry expertise
    We deliver the products that are in compliance with established local and industry regulations in Government, Banking and Healthcare sectors, to name a few.
  • Flexible price policy
    As an outsourcing software vendor, we offer more than reasonable development rates. For start-ups and long-term prospects, there are special offers on mutually beneficial terms.




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