Dispatch management software

Dispatch management software

Fleet management software has been around for years, yet it continues to increase in popularity as new companies are still adapting to the technology.

A typical fleet management solution usually consists of a number of components (often referred to as modules), such as vehicle tracking system, dispatch management software, fleet maintenance module and others.

Dispatch management software is surely one of the most important modules of fleet management solutions. It is crucial for companies with multiple vehicles or consultants that, due to the nature of the business, have to travel with the purpose of delivering goods or providing services to the customers.

Thus, we can mention such types as supply chain and logistics solutions, delivery and courier service software, transportation dispatch and freight forwarding software, computer aided dispatch software for emergency services.

Below are a few tasks that Dispatch management software helps to accomplish:

  • Automatically assign a vehicle or employee to a customer;
  • Schedule appointments or deliveries;
  • Optimize route scheduling based on distance, priorities and deadlines;
  • Provide daily task lists to drivers and employees;
  • Control performed services;
  • Manage customers, drivers, vehicles, carriers, cosigners and employees;
  • Provide easy communication of call center reps with drivers or employees working in the field;
  • Provide daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reports;
  • and much more.


Due to the number of useful features, a wide variety of businesses are using Dispatch Management software solutions nowadays: logistics companies, taxi services, car rental agencies, repair services, sales companies, emergency services, municipal agencies, transportation districts, news companies, service providers such as electricians, plumbers, maids, as well as all other companies that provide services outside their main office.

Dispatch management is gaining popularity because it provides benefits such as:

  • Lowers fuel costs: drivers or employees are provided with optimal routes and schedules;
  • Increases efficiency: less driving, fewer employees required to provide the same level of service;
  • Increases customer satisfaction: customers are provided with timely services delivery of goods;
  • Provides consistency in services provided;
  • Minimizes rejection of goods or services;
  • Increases company’s reputation;
  • Increases customer base and sales.


As with the rest of Fleet management modules, dispatch system software can be either purchased as a ready-to-use solution or custom developed for specific company needs. Even though there are a lot of options to choose from when shopping for an off-the-shelf product, it is very rare that the purchased software fully satisfies unique needs, procedures and infrastructure of the company looking for such a product.

That’s why so many businesses turn to software development company like OCSICO to build an exclusive and feature-reach solution from scratch.

Dispatch Management software can have a variety of possible features, such as:

  • Comprehensive dashboard;
  • Route calculation and optimization;
  • Generation of task lists with driving directions;
  • Work order assignment and management;
  • Call center management;
  • Customer / driver database management;
  • Document management (invoices, trip sheets, work orders, safety checks, etc.);
  • Service history tracking;
  • Mobile device access.


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