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Data-driven software solutions are a very important part of our consulting package. We design and develop advanced and effective systems that transform regular stored information into concentrated knowledge. Our multifunctional Business Intelligence solutions cover the processes of data mining, storing and handling and also introduce intelligence into a corporate business workflow.

Clients come to us for expert data consulting and industry best practices that ensure optimal performance and the ROI of BI software. OCSICO guaranties a scientific and comprehensive approach to the development of custom BI solutions.




  • Modern Trends
  • Scientific Approach
  • Qualified Experts
  • Data Consulting
  • Reporting & Visualization

Intelligence Solutions

Data driven solutions

Data Mining Solutions

Data Mining

The systems crafted by our savvy developers for gathering, unifying and standardizing information from different sources (internal and external) are widely used in the Financial and Banking industries. Our solutions also enable brand-new possibilities for data analyses in the Retail, Manufacturing, Media and PR industries.

Information Storage

Data Storage

Our custom data storing solutions are targeted for your business processes, data types and values. We assist in combining totally different data types and provide effective, quick and ideal data storage and management systems based on well-known platforms (Hadoop, MongoDB, etc.) and custom-built ones.

Data Processing Software

Data Processing

Our team of expert data consultants will architect any data-driven solutions for knowledge extraction or Big Data processing to standardize incoming data from different sources and in different formats. We will create any data processing workflows, including those that use Natural Language processing and OLAP/OLTP.

Intelligence workflow and business process

Intelligence Logistics Solutions

Logistics and Workload

The compelling systems developed by our professionals will assist you in monitoring the efficiency of equipment loading and will optimize road-maps and work processes.

Resource planning and Warehousing

Resource Planning & Warehousing

Our consultants will assist with all the issues regarding the optimization of your warehouse management processes: inventory, delivery and shipment.

Process Automation Software

Corporate Process

We bring our real BI expertise to any of your business processes, from HR planning and management to regulating free parking spaces at your corporate parking lot.

Reporting & Data Visualization

Information Monitoring and Dashboards


Our solutions enable real-time tracking tools, customizable report options and allow keeping control over each user access management rights. The users can effectively monitor different types of business information, e.g. finance KPI’s and metrics, indexes, rates, insights, analytics, etc.

Visualization Software Solutions

Real Time Visualization

Visual and easy-readable information is an important part of any user interface. We employ different data visualization frameworks to stream live-data, insights and analytics. Our media-rich environment sends signals to users about any important events, triggers and alerts.

Reporting Software

Report systems

We are glad to offer our customers the extensive experience of our UI/UX experts, business analysts and data scientists. Our team is ready to develop and implement any types of reporting tools for real-time monitoring, forecasting, planning and analyzing.


Business Intelligence services we offer

BI Consulting
BI Consulting
Custom BI solutions
Custom BI Solutions
BI Integration
BI Integration
BI Support
Maintenance and Support


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OCSICO is the team of experts in consulting and developing Business Intelligence solutions. On daily basis, we help our clients to promote and keep their companies and businesses on the edge of up-to-date informational technologies. We provide our customers with the best available quality solutions to ensure customer’s business competitiveness in the current market. Our specialists are ready to share with you their expertise and industry best practices presented in comprehensive case-studies.

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