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Custom web applications is a perfect way to urge your business forward. No matter what is your domain or how many clients you are serving, you need a custom business web app to effectively maintain all business processes and provide seamless access to information. OCSICO offers one-stop services to design, develop, and implement custom-built applied web solutions based on the latest technologies. For 12 years, we have been specializing in the development of web platforms for E-Commerce, Healthcare, Fleet Management, Retail, Banking and so on.

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Why OCSICO is Your Best Web App Developer

  • IT consulting-driven approach
    Our business analysts will create an optimal web solution based on consumer’s requirements, development specifications, UI design and solution prototyping.
  • Wide back-end development expertise
    We have been developing secured server-based solutions for a long time now. The systems engineered by our developers enable support of virtualization technologies and modern cloud platforms.
  • Professional UI/UX design and prototyping
    Prototyping is the key element of our strategy for managing customer’s requirements. All our front-end solutions are developed by tech-savvy designers and UX experts.
  • E-Commerce package to buy, sell, trade and exchange
    We develop integrated payment gateways for secured transactions and create modern e-stores with shopping carts, online catalogs, and different e-commerce modules.
  • Mobile-friendly adaptive front-end
    We stick to “mobile first” development philosophy. Our highly optimized UI is thoroughly tested for compatibility with different devices to work flawlessly in all situations.


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Web Products we create


We develop custom applications of any complexity that answer the highest requirements and standards. Our solutions feature complete reliability, the utmost level of security and excellent optimization capabilities. The systems we deliver combine high performance and balanced hardware requirements.

Business Apps

Business Applications

Get your custom web business app that will ideally fit your requirements. Let us tailor best tools to optimize and fine-tune all related processes and make your business smart.

E-Commerce solutions

E-Commerce platforms

Our solutions help you to surf through omnichannel retail, explore customer experience and engagement and enable the integration of your clients, suppliers, support and logistics services.

Entertainment solutions

Entertainment portals

Keep your business up-to-date by employing the web portals that allow synthesizing and managing content from various sources, ensure collaboration and engage the target audience.

Corporate Solutions

Corporate Portals

Get a full-scale web-embassy for your company. These solutions will allow publishing news and maintaining the full cycle of communication with the end-users.

Enterprise solutions

Enterprise systems

We deliver solutions to streamline all your business processes. Our custom ERP, CRM, PLM based solutions are tailored for smooth management and transactions processing.

Multimedia solutions

Multimedia platforms

You can effectively manage all your media-rich content with the help of unique publishing and author rights management tools that our solutions enable.

SaaS Solutions

SaaS Solutions

Get your turnkey business solution and start investing in your own platform today in order to promote your business and boost revenue.

Custom Social networks

Social networks and Communities

Employ our solutions to unite people with similar interests, create new and unique channels of communications for increased consumer engagement.

News portals

News and content portals

Our software meets your needs in creating the ideal environment for readers and publishers to generate income by selling advertising space.


How to Start

Each our web application is a unique product developed to satisfy the specific needs of your business. Tell us about your business processes and let us tailor an ideal custom solution for you. Simply use our Contact Form to send your initial request. Our experienced consultants will quickly and easily guide you step-by-step through all the project stages.

  • Initial Contact
  • Business analysis
  • IT Consulting
  • Solution Design
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment




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