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business web apps

OCSICO is always on top of latest technologies and trends to deliver state-of-the-art web applications and best user experience. We develop custom web applications for B2B, B2C, and C2C market players. We help our customers from more than 20 countries around the globe run their business better and target business partners, clients, and customers in a unique and captivating manner. Whatever custom business web application you need, we strive to make it fool-proof and competitive, backed with the right tech stack and our industry expertise.

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business solutions

B2B, B2C, C2C solutions

Design and development of custom web portals, business web applications, and e-commerce web solutions for any business needs: corporate sales, retail distribution, consumer-to-consumer activities. Scalable, SEO-optimized, and brand-driven solutions that talk to the online audience and consolidate your market position long term.

social network apps

Business via Social Networks

Integration with popular social networks via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. The use of APIs improves brand awareness, boosts the promotion of products and services, increases customer loyalty and retention. We implement users profiling, advanced collaboration and communication tools.

SaaS apps


Software-as-a-service model for startups and entrenched businesses. We help you choose the most optimal solution with regard to web application philosophy and your business goals. SaaS replaces on-premise infrastructure, offers predictable pay-as-you-go costs, seamless integration with necessary applications and instant access on the go.

Enterprise solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Web-based corporate applications to make the life of your staff easier. A centralized and enterprise-level access, robust tools for routine tasks optimization, effective management of operations, assets, and information. We select the tech stack depending on your specific requirements and application complexity.


OCSICO has been engaged in web application development since 2002.
Our portfolio and grateful words from our customers prove that we do great work.

Web apps drive your business forward

  • compatibility

    No more compatibility problems

    Browser-based applications are platform independent. The users can easily run them on any device.

  • web-centric distribution

    Web-centric distribution model

    No headache about installs, updates or outdated versions support. The functionality of desktop and mobile apps can be combined in one web solution.

  • analytics

    Integrated analytics

    With advanced prediction and analytics tools, you gain deeper insight into the web application, visitors and users behavior, which lets you timely work out strategies for better business performance.

  • reasonable cost

    Reduced development and support costs

    The today market offers a wide choice of development tools and frameworks for creating different web solutions. The application thus hits its audience faster, and you considerably save your budget.


Web application development is a way rather creative and interesting process as it involves business analysts, UI/UX designers, full-stack developers and web-experienced testers. Here is how we bring your idea to life.

Business Analysis and Consulting

consultingIf you don’t have design sketches and requirements specifications for your future solution, that’s not a problem for us. Jointly with you, we analyze your needs, every piece of functionality; outline a prototype to let you see how everything will look and work. Before diving into the development, it’s vital to pass through the following stages:

  • Business analysis
  • Tech stack selection
  • Delivery model or Agile planning


Proof of concept is all-important for any web application. We conduct it both for complex web platforms and single-page applications. At this stage, it is easier for you and our developers to discuss every detail and ensure that we have covered all the requirements.Prototyping

Back-End Development

Back-EndThe performance of any web application and consequently of your business largely depends on the maturity of the back part of the solution. Leveraging modern and best suitable technologies, we deliver robust, secure and configurable back-end that is easy to maintain. We offer our expertise in many fields:

  • Cloud technologies for flexible scaling and high-level security
  • Security rules and personal data protection
  • Performance optimization

Front-End Development

Equipped with our solid expertise, we develop the solutions of any complexity, from a single business application to CMS-driven microsites. We fully invest our creative potential into the awesome design and best user experience by leveraging material design and human interface best practices.front-end

Why Work with us

final resultWe immerse in very detail to move your solution towards the perfection. Our skilled QA specialists foresee, check and fix defects to ensure its high performance and user-friendliness. By implementing application lifecycle plan and technical & maintenance program, we relieve you on all the fuss about the project. Instead, you focus on your business tasks and enjoy the perks of a competitive product in the end.


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