Software testing and quality assurance

Our in-house ISTQB certified testing team is offering the following types of testing services:

  • Functional testing. Performing functional testing our test team checks the operational behavior and product features to ensure their compliance with specifications.
  • Security testing. With the help of security testing our experts determine that your information system protects data and maintains functionality as intended.
  • Performance testing. Using automated test tools our performance testers assess whether your system complies with target performance requirements.
  • Mobile testing. Besides functional and localization testing, our mobile testing team can assist you with pre-certification testing for Symbian™, Java Verified and Microsoft Mobile2Market Applications.
  • Localization testing. With localization testing it’s possible to ensure that your product is properly adapted for usage in a foreign market in terms of translation, justification, interface elements accommodation, etc.
  • Test automation. Automated testing saves time, reduces costs and maintains quality when developing and supporting large-scale or mission-critical applications.

While out software testing experts work on detecting defects in software, quality assurance specialists and auditors take a wider view on software and its development.

We have developed a set of procedures, guidelines and project documents based on the best industry practices and ISO 9001:2000 quality standards to prevent defects from occurring in the first place.

We constantly monitor and audit our processes to ensure compliance with established standards. This allows us to measure, assess and enhance the company’s functions to ensure efficient performance and high quality project implementation.

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