Maintenance and support services

Since the technology use is dramatically expanding nowadays, there is a constantly growing need in providing technical support for the software users. Businesses in need of a technical support have various reasons to choose outsourcing, and, what is more, it leads to cost-savings and increased productivity of the company’s core personnel.

Outsourcing technical support tasks to OCSICO offers high availability of the service for those businesses whose incoming call peak period is during non-working hours. It also allows customer’s core people to focus of their core tasks. Moreover, our experienced consultants have high level of technical knowledge allowing the caller to receive a more technically grounded or detailed response.

We offer high quality technical support services for software applications developed both in-house and by third-party vendors. The customer is guaranteed to get qualified assistance in resolution of the problems, including:

  • Support desk;
  • Remote system administration;
  • Service request management;
  • Defect fixing;
  • Patch release management.

Typical technical support project setup is the following:

Software Maintenance and Support

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