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The Dedicated Development Center (DDC) is a perfect servant for companies in pursuit of cost-effective engineering talent and accelerated time-to-market. At OCSICO, you are free to vet a candidate and extend your team with necessary skills both onsite and offsite, be it even a single developer, a designer or a QA specialist. We can easily scale up or down the team any time to keep up with your business needs.

Hire your dedicated development team

Advance with professionals

  • Save time
    Attract tech-savvy specialists to your project whenever you need. Don’t waste time on recruiting, onboarding and training. Focus on your business challenges instead of bothering about all the project arrangements. Tell us which resources you need and we will promptly set up our ad-hoc meeting.
  • Decrease the overheads
    Save on considerable expenses associated with recruiting and HR management, hardware, provisions, office rent, vacation and sick leave payments. At OCSICO, you already have everything at your service: top talents, technologies and tools, IT infrastructure and time-proven development approaches. And a family feel as a big bonus.
  • Cherry-pick
    Why not assemble your dream development team? We grant you the opportunity to hand-pick the like-minded members with required technical and domain expertise. Our DDC manager is ready to give you a helping hand in case of any doubts.
  • Manage effectively
    What is more, you can manage the team on your own or entrust us with all the managerial tasks. We ensure development process transparency via ongoing communication and regular reporting.
  • Scale a team
    Whether there’s a need for more dedicated software developers or QA specialists, you can engage additional resources at any development stage. Upon the completion of mission-critical tasks, we give you the option to retain or exempt the staff. The flexibility in project workload management ensures mitigating the risks of missed deadlines, so you can blueprint new objectives in advance.


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What makes us stand out


Solid experience

Solid portfolio in diverse technologies: PHP, ASP.NET, Front-End JS, Android/iOS

Domain expertise

Domain competence: Healthcare, Fleet Management, IoT, Banking, e-Commerce, etc.

proficient management

Great culture, proficient developers, smart managers

Best Business Process

Mature and transparent development processes

Documentation standards

Direct access to project artifacts: tasks, documentation, reports, etc.

Affordable price

Competitive rates

DDC is one of the business models that we recommend to our customers for the projects with dynamic requirements, tight deadlines and long-term prospects. Eager to know more about DDC and other collaboration models?

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How to start

  • Initial request

    Send us your initial request, describe your objectives and tasks

  • DDC manager

    Get the most appropriate CVs of potential candidates

  • Hire dedicated developers

    Interview and pick candidates for your dedicated team

  • Offshore project

    Once the team is packed, your project starts

  • Monitoring and reporting

    Monitor the ongoing performance of the team




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