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According to mobile market research, an average smartphone user today runs 41 applications and spends 127 minutes on them daily. The experts forecast that by 2020 at least 50% of all payments will be transacted via

Are you ready to go mobile and meet your customers? The OCSICO team will design and deliver iOS, Android, Windows Phone and hybrid mobile applications for you.


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The OCSICO team delivers various types of mobile services, including:


From news readers and mobile applications for restaurants to complex healthcare and manufacturing automation solutions, we deliver turnkey mobile solutions for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Depending on your project goals, we can integrate geo-location, navigation, payment systems, analytics and other modules in your app. You name it, we do it.


Based on 100+ completed projects experience, our mobile department analysts can provide you with valuable advice at any stage of your project, from concept review to product upload to AppStore and Google Play. We can offer you technology vision and cost- and time-effective model for your app development.


Our mobile QA engineers have experience in usability, security and performance testing. A typical mobile QA project covers full cycle of tests to make sure that your apps are compatible with all types of mobile browsers and can run smoothly on the required platforms and devices.


The OCSICO mobile team will help you deliver your content to mobile users using web technologies and frameworks (HTML5, CSS 3, Sencha Touch, Ext JS, etc). We can develop your website mobile version from scratch or optimize your existing website for mobile use.


The OCSICO team designs turnkey mobile solutions for business, communication, e-commerce, networking and entertainment.

ma1Business applications integrated into your enterprise software environment. The OCSICO team designs enterprise communication tools that let your employees get on-the-go access to business-critical data from their mobile devices.
E-Commerce applications. For restaurants, service companies and merchants we provide solutions that combine a simple user interface with a secure and powerful back-end, integrated with payment gateways, accounting, stock management tools and order processing software.ma2
ma3Content delivery applications. Our approach to news, music and rich media content delivery apps combines a strong focus on design and user experience with unfolding the whole potential of social media features that can be integrated into your application.
Games/Entertainment applications. Our game designers and mobile developers will turn your ideas into exciting games, as well as deliver marketing promo games with in-app purchases and mobile interaction tools that will boost your sales.ma4



Windows Phone 8+


Hybrid (cross-platform) development

The technologies we use to make your mobile project a success cover:

  • Google Maps
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • Mono Framework
  • Corona SDK
  • Cross-platform frameworks: MoSync, PhoneGap, RhoMobile, Titanium, WidgetPad
  • Game development: Cocos2d/Cocos3D, GameCenter, OpenFeint

Upon your request we can hand-craft Internet of things solutions embedded with electronics, software, sensors, that enable devices, included mobile, to transfer data over a network.


Our mobile development skill set is constantly growing:

Our developers keep their fingers on the pulse of mobile technologies
We incorporate the latest trends and test innovative features on our internal projects.
Best practices are being introduced into our clients’ projects


  • Smart solutions at any stage of your project. For OCSICO project size doesn’t matter. We know how to handle complex global projects with millions of simultaneous users, and at the same time, we are open for cooperation with start-ups looking for expert consultancy and minimum viable product (MVP) development.
  • Mobile solutions for today and tomorrow. While working on your projects we look one step ahead and deliver scalable solutions that will be up-to-date over the years and will grow in parallel with your businesses.
  • Access to a balanced combination of designers’ and developers’ talent. Our UI designers concentrate on user experience & usability while developers and analysts focus on business logic. Thus you get applications that look appealing to the user and perfectly match your business objectives.
  • Full advantages of long-term cooperation with a mature software development company. OCSICO’s services cover mobile applications, B2B and B2C web solutions and embedded systems development. By delegating several projects to one vendor you get a significant advantage in time and costs.
  • Reduced project costs. Our development office is located in Minsk, Belarus. Cooperating with the Eastern European software provider you benefit from our developer’s world-standard expertise and stay cost-effective.

OCSICO mobile development: case studies

We have proven track record in mobile development for 5+ years. Here we have selected several projects to demonstrate our expertise. If you are interested in specific domain case studies or want to see our customer testimonials, please let us know.

Please submit your brief project request, and our project manager will contact you within 24 hours.
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