Road tolling system website

Road tolling system website

Technologies & Tools:

Umbraco CMS 4, ASP.NET MVC (Razor), SQL Server 2012, jQuery, Google Analytics, TFS


C#, JavaScript.

Customer – electronic tolling system operating a number of major roads in Belarus.


The main idea behind the solution was to build a website that will be the main entry point for road users. The website should be built in such a way so that to encourage users to look for information online instead of contacting the call center.

The website is a part of the tolling system and was planned to be released along with other customer services (toll calculator, customer service point finder etc.) Due to this fact the project required careful coordination with customer teams working on other parts of the project.


As the target audience of the website is mainly road users looking for information about the tolling system, it was important to build a web presence that would feature the following characteristics:

  • intuitive interface
  • multiple languages: Belarusian, Russian, English, Polish. The web site is used by Belarusian citizens as well as foreign drivers and companies.
  • support of multiple browser versions including older versions(FF 3.6.x, IE 7.x – 9.x, Opera 10, Safari 5, Chrome 5) as they are widely used
  • ability to support a large number of simultaneous users especially shortly immediately after the website launch.

The resulting website contains a comprehensive set of useful information about the tolling system including FAQ, links the users’ account page, a map of distribution points; and it allows to subscribe to the newsletter or contact the operator directly.

The important task was to provide a simple and secured content management platform for editing the site content. Umbraco CMS was chosen since it offers customizable editing and content creation tools, provides professional support, it is easy to learn and to use for content creators. It also offers quite a high level of security for the users because it is built in compliance with Microsoft security standards.

The main requirements to the content management system were as follows.

1. The CMS should allow configuring various user roles such as editor, approver, translator, publisher, etc.

2. The Content management should allow to have 2 instances of the web site – one live and one – staging. The staging is used for development, adding new content, testing new functionality. It should be possible to perform synchronization between the two instances easily. For this the Umbraco Courier plugin was used.

During the development of the website we developed the following documentation: website map, wireframes, and storyboard. A user manual was also compiled. OCSICO held a couple of user trainings for the customer’s employees.

The OCSICO closely cooperated with the customer team during the whole project. Website was delivered in two versions: beta and release what helped to stay in line with the customer’s plan of gradual rollout of the whole electronic tolling system.


OCSICO’s team successfully launched the website in accordance with the planned milestones. Currently website is used by the customer to inform its users about toll roads, toll rates, different types of Customer Service Points along the toll roads, in major cities and at the borders.

Cooperation with the customer on the website continues under SLA, where the main goal is to maintain the software used by the website up to date and address possible inconsistencies.

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