Recreational Cycling


Technologies & Tools:

Objective-C, iOS SDK 4.3, Xcode 4, FaceBook API, Google Maps.


The customer planned to build an application that can be used by various travel and recreational agencies as a mean of driving people to certain routes and sights, as well as letting the end users explore the neighborhood on a bike.


The application was initially designed to popularize the local bike routes and give the cyclists a source of information on available routes and sights. The application should allow adding custom information and interacting with the user’s profile on the web.


The application can be described as follows – it is a tool that allows to view available cycling routes, get information on the routes and also share information with other service users. There is also an access to lists of points of interest inside the application. Dynamic route tracking is enabled. The more detailed description:


  1. The general view displays a list of routes differentiating according to some categories such as most popular, new, local, etc.
  2. Search –
    Smart route finder allows searching for routs by the name, category, and location. The search result can be displayed on a map, showing all the found roots’ tracks.
  3. Quick overview of the roots (gives such information as proximity, length, times done, height difference, rating, etc.); personal roots are highlighted.
  4. One root view – draws the map of the route.
  5. The user can take a picture of the route and so the picture will be stored and attached to the route description. The coordinates are stored the automatically and are associated with the picture. The picture is also saved as a custom
    point of interest.
  6. The application also allows
    machine reading of the information about the route. This option is not free and can be purchased directly from the application.
  7. Upon finishing the route a small quiz is presented to the user. He/she can rate the route and the quality of the information provided.
  8. Measuring road quality. The application allows to capture the road conditions by recording the vibrations and the shocks.
  9. Targets can be set. For example, the speed of movement. The current position of the user is marked on the screen, the target is also highlighted. So, it the user can track the progress easily.

Sharing: the customer can register to the corresponding web service right from the application and share his/her routs.


  1. Landscape mode is supported.
  2. Points of interest are marked on the route and shown to the user as long as he/she proceeds. The user can also read some detail on a point of interest. There is also a list of points of interest available for the user.
  3. Groups of routs (recommended, brand related routes…) are made for the brand on the web site and configured in the app.


The result of the joint work between the customer’s and OCSICO’s teams was a successful delivery and integration of the developed application.

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