QA Services for Telecom Line of Products


Technologies & Tools:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, PuTTY, VMware, JMeter, LoadRunner, Agile, Scrum, Jira, QMetry, customer’s products.


The customer is a Swedish IT company founded in 1996. The company is a global provider of secure seamless mobility software and related services for mobile and fixed network operators, enterprises, governmental organizations, and laptop manufacturers.


The customer distributes its products all over the world, thus the major need is to have a reliable calculation system for updating software to all devices. The system should check, register, and set up the connection with a database for new and existing users. Being a large company, the customer did not have a solid team of testing and QA engineers, thus it was vital to find a professional and reliable partner.

The customer engaged OCSICO’s team into testing of a series of the customer’s projects for a number of mobile network operators. OCSICO’s main responsibility was to commit a full testing of the product. The project management was carried out by the customer, as the headquarters and the end-users were located in Sweden.


OCSICO’s specialists performed the full-cycle testing of the product including the following:

  • Manual software testing and documentation testing
  • Servers, cross-location, cross-platform and cross-browser testing
  • Regression, installation and licensing testing
  • Load and stress testing of the product

During the initial stages of the cooperation, OCSICO’s testers have visited the customer in Sweden for a knowledge transfer.

Additionally, OCSICO’s team was testing new versions of the product on real equipment in telephone networks, checking lists of updates from the developers. To ensure a smooth flow of the working process, it has been decided to schedule daily scrum meetings with the customers. During these meetings, OCSICO’s specialists offered many valuable suggestions for improvement, such as:

  • Improvements to product UI to make an application more user-friendly
  • Product security changes (e.g., SQL-injection, DDoS, DOS)
  • Architecture updates (update in client-server, database-centric architecture)
  • Improvements to increase server performance
  • Database changes (e.g., distributed computing)

OCSICO’s testing team consisted of four QA and test engineers.


The customer’s products tested by OCSICO’s team are currently sold all over the world.

OCSICO proved to be a reliable partner, who established and carefully maintained long-term relationships with the customer. The team of testing specialists showed their ability to quickly respond to the changing market demands and customer’s needs and perform software testing within a limited timeframe.

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