Online Graphic Tools


Technologies & Tools:

Clipping/cutting tool: Java, JavaScript, Raphael, Batik.

Text web tool: Java, Cufon, Phantomjs, Batik.


The Customer aimed to develop a client-server application to enable users to work with graphics and texts when preparing designs for printing.


Solution developed by OCSICO consists of two parts: Clipping cutting tool & Web text tool.

Clipping/cutting tool was developed using Java technologies for server side and JavaScript for client side of the application. Inter-layer interaction was done with the help of Ajax. On server side JSE and Batik library were used.

Server side was responsible for:

  • clipping the image by given path;
  • converting the image from SVG to PNG and vice versa;
  • smoothing angles of clipped image with a help of Bezier splines.

On the client side a user was able to create and edit several layers, produce some actions like adding new text or new image/clipart, editing colors; selecting areas and clipping/cutting those selected areas.

For drawing different curves (Bezier lines) and providing user-friendly interactive interface while drawing those lines Raphael library was used. All the areas were stored in SVG format. SVG information about the clipped/cut areas was the final result of this application.

With the Web text tool a user could work with fonts. When custom font and geometrical figure are chosen, at the server side the user is provided a possibility to change the shape of the text according to the chosen geometrical figure. Client code creates SVG from the text with a help of Cufon library and sends set of points obtained from SVG on server. Server applies needed affine transformations to the set of points and creates image with the text. Client shows created image.



The tools were successfully integrated in the customer’s product as a separate part of it.

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