Mobile Data Security


Technologies & Tools:

iOS: Objective-C, iOS SDK 6.0, Xcode 4.5, CoreData.


The main goal of the mobile data security application was to allow users protect their personal data stored on a mobile device.


The developed application lets users to hide their photos, videos, notes and contacts. The secret folder is protected by password.

  • Creating passcode. On the first start of the app a user has to set the personal password. After that the user will get access to the content of the app.
  • Access to the data. From the second time on the user has to enter set password to get access to the data. If user enters a wrong password the app will take a photo using front camera, remember device location and time, and will not give access to app owner’s personal data. So, at the next launch the owner of the app will see the count of break-in attempts on the icon badge and also can see the photos and locations of the break-in attempts.
  • Decoy mode. The app allows user to create fake password. So, if someone wants to get access to the user’s personal data the user can share his/her fake password. As soon as someone enters fake password he will get access to the user’s public data (decoy mode). Someone who gets access to decoy mode will think that he/she looks at your private data, but actually it will just be the data, which you want to share with the person.
  • Import and export. User can import and export photos, videos, contacts, personal notes. The app allows the user to create directories and import data to them. All stored data can be shared via email.


General features:

  • Numeric code or dot lock for your choice.
  • Photo, video, notes and contacts storage.
  • Intruder’s photo in break-in report.
  • Location of break-in attempt is saved and shown on map.
  • Decoy mode: fool intruder and show them any data you want.
  • Badge shows the number of intrusion attempts.
  • Email sharing for any stored data.


OCSICO developed an application that allows users to protect personal data. Now it is planned to continue working on a new version of the application.

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