Handbag Producer Anniversary Website


Technologies & Tools:

Drupal 6, PHP 5.3, CSS 3, jQuery, jQuery-mobile, Facebook API, JavaScript, AJAX.


The customer is a producer of handbags working in the European market.


To celebrate its 25th anniversary the customer is organizing a promotional campaign that involves giving out gifts and discounts. For this campaign a web site is created that describes the contests, events and promotions.


OCSICO built two web sites – one for regular (picture to the right) and the other – for mobile users (picture to the left).

The web site is built to honor the 25-years history of the company. The main page features the promotional events that drive customers to the retailer spots. Other pages inform the visitor about the company history, main characteristics and give some tips on choosing a bag.

The core challenge of this project was complicated page layout that required careful planning and solid slicing skills from out front-end specialists. The web site features the company’s products and history milestones, and conveys company’s youthful spirit and commitment to quality.

Mobile web site version supports AJAX, which allows loading data from the server without reloading the page. This way the user is able to browse bag categories and types depending on the chosen style.

Browser support – IE 7+; Firefox 3.6+, Chrome 10+, Safari, Opera.


At the present sated the web site is online. In the course of the year, new pages are added to promote further events.

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