Technologies & Tools:

.NET Framework 2.0, COM, ATL, MFC, Custom Framework.


C#, C++/CLI.


The customer is a global ICT company helping organizations to better understand and use their business information through innovative BI solutions. Clients from energy, transportation, healthcare, consulting, and banking industries rely on the customer’s solutions to streamline their operations.


The customer’s idea was to develop a unique platform for business solutions creation. These solutions should assist information-driven businesses and institutions in their decision-making processes and operations streamlining.


The project consisted of two parts: compiler for .NET-aligned language and custom integrated development environment (IDE) helping programmers in module development.

OCSICO used the most modern technologies to develop the industrial-level .NET-compiler for a custom .NET-aligned language described in the customer’s language specification. This solution allows to compile programs written in the custom language into standard .NET assemblies to be executed under .NET CLR. It provides a possibility to develop an applied solution for the standard .NET platform and to simplify integration with other .NET applications.

Moreover, OCSICO created a new version of custom IDE allowing applied developers to create, design and publish .NET WinForms applications. This IDE was based on wide design-time support features provided by .NET CLR.


As a result of customer-OCSICO joint work the innovative BI solution was successfully delivered. Currently it’s used by the customer to supply end-users with
.NET-based business applications.

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