Fashion Assistant

Fashion Assistant

Technologies & Tools:

Objective-C, iOS SDK 4.3, Xcode 4, FaceBook API, Google Maps API, SQLite, Google Analytics,
ASIHTTPRequest, JSon.


The customer is a Belgian clothes and shoe producer and retailer. The target audience of the company is young people who are using smartphones and social media and up-to-date devices actively, so they wanted to use the media effectively to engage potential customers and introduce new items to them.


The customer needed to develop a mobile application (iPhone/iPad) that will serve as a marketing tool for promoting new collections of clothes and shoes, driving new customers to the shops and also boost Facebook engagement.


OCSICO team developed a solution that gives the customer several sets of functionality. In general the application is a kind of game that allows viewing new collections of the brand, and “trying” it on a doll. This way the application users can try various combinations of the products and get additional information on the collections.

“Looks” creation and modification functionality:

  • Character (doll) features modification – skin and eye colour, hairstyle, etc.
  • Outfit changes – the customer can change the shoes, dresses, trousers, coats, accessories for the character.
  • A look can be “liked” – then the look I saved as a “key look”.

Collection functionality:

  • The application receives messages (from Facebook) about new collections. The user can view the collections and items in the collections.
  • When a separate item is viewed, the name, customer comment, and a link to a web store is displayed. Moreover, the customer can view a map with relevant shops pinpointed.
  • The user can add items from the collection to the personal set of items, or just “try” it on at once.

Facebook functionality:

  • The “key looks” can be posted to the customer’s Facebook wall. The application allows Facebook authorization inside the application.
  • The “key looks” are posted to the Facebook wall as a regular update, and all the comments are received in the application as notifications, so the customer can get feedback on the views directly in the application.
  • Two looks can be posted at a time, so a poll is created.

An offline mode of the application is implemented – all the changes are saved in cache and synchronized when the smartphone is connected to the internet.


The result of the joint work between the customer’s and OCSICO’s teams was a successful delivery and integration of the developed application.

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