Enterprise-grade web application (ERP)

Enterprise-grade web application (ERP)

Technologies & Tools:

Apache, PHP 5.3, MySQL, Apache Solr, OpenGraph, HTML, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery UI.


The Customer is an IT company headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.


The Customer was interested in developing a system that would help to organize company’s internal business activities, that is to monitor internal activities, plan and manage resources, staff and documents flow, improve time management, etc.

One of the most important challenges was to design and implement a functionality that would let the future system be able to find necessary data as fast as possible and to organize it so that the content would be available only for selected company’s departments or separate groups of stakeholders/users.

There is plenty of enterprise resource planning solutions on the market. However, it is not that simple to choose the most appropriate among them and adopt it to internal business processes of a company, as some ERP solutions are too complex, and some of them are too simple and can be adapted to only a part of a company’s processes.

The future system was to empower the company to be more productive and efficient, and one of the most important targets to achieve was a high usability of the future system. Except for usability, the solution had also to be cost effective, flexible, easy-to-manage and require minimum efforts for its integration and following training.

Consequently, customer’s business processes had to become simply organized, transparent and flexible to manage.


OCSICO team developed data model, core business logic and web part of the system by using the most up-to-date technologies and tools: we chose a sterling Web 3.0 web dynamic cloud application – it allows to organize processes, communication, data transferring and management, people management, etc.

We also used on Zend Frameworks and MVC model. Zend framework is an extremely simple, objectoriented, and flexible solution that encapsulates best practices, agile & testing methodologies, and allows to come up to very rapid development of enterprise-grade web applications.

Front-end part has been developed in HTML5/CSS3 and AJAX (jQuery framework), which helps to create fast, dynamic, intuitive and easy-to-use systems. The content is organized using intelligent tag system. Almost all users’ events handled without page reloading with immediate results.

System has a smart search mechanism that is based on Apache Solr search engine and optimized for searching not only by user content but also by different types of documents (pdf, excel, doc, txt, rtf, etc.) which can be simply uploaded on the server or attached to different content types. Advanced search mechanism allows users to set up different search criteria for target search results.

As a result, the company’s employees/users have a great possibility to organize the joint use of documents in a simple and transparent way using wiki style of corresponding system’s module. All the documents are simply assigned to different user groups. Thus, the security of a document cannot be violated until access is provided.


OCSICO successfully developed the first version of the system in time. The functionality is aligned to all the customer’s requirements and needs. It has a user-friendly interface (easy-to-use, easy-to-learn, easy-to-remember). The delivered system is high-performing, reliable, easily maintainable and expandable. Next version of the solution is also scheduled for implementation by OCSICO.

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