Budget Management System


Technologies & Tools:

.NET Framework 4, Entity Framework, MS VS 2010, MS SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise, IIS 7, JSON, Web Services.


C#, JavaScript.


The customer is a Russian department of operating systems and office products manufacturer.


The customer needed to develop a marketing tool to help tracking different requests. The request created by the customer’s manager can be described, estimated, reviewed, and changed. Manager can track if his request is approved, rejected or closed. Application has separate role for people who are responsible for approving, rejecting and closing requests.


Application uses a web interface. While creating and editing requests, user can use a wizard-based navigation: it is possible to get back to any step at any time.

One of the main purposes of this project was to build an application using Ajax since a lot of different http-requests were planned to be addressed to the server. The interface at the same time should not be annoying for users. Thus, OCSICO team has developed a client logic using JavaScript, Ajax and Script Managers from ASP.NET.

Another important task consisted of developing different lists of request and users through the control module. This control is able to support paginating with no need to refresh the page. Paginating runs on the DB server, using specially written stored procedures. Web Services and JSON were used for passing records.


OCSICO has successfully delivered the module that was integrated into two other customers’ systems to form the common continuous functionality.

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