Airport Flight Planner application


Technologies & Tools:

iOS: Objective-C, iOS SDK 5.1, Xcode 4, CoreData, JSON, Push Notifications.

Android: Android API 7+, Eclipse Indigo IDE, DDMS, Memory Analyzer Tool, Logcat, Lint, SQLite, JSON,
Helium Push Notification Service, Tortoise SVN, ACRA library (for collecting crash reports), Google
Analytics, ZIP.


The customer is an international airport in Europe. The company owns a website that offers information on the airport services (flights, parking, baggage, shops, security, and local transport) and gives the possibility to book flights online.


The main aim of the future application was to let the travelers have access to all necessary information about the flights, airport regulations, easily plan a journey.


Arrival/Departure planning. The application allows planning arrivals or departures by:

  • Searching and recording flights. The flight search can be performed using the date of arrival/departure and flight number. Also, the barcode on a ticket can be  scanned and so the search will be performed according to the received data.
  • Calculating a trip to/from the airport based on the current location (input by the user or GPS data). If the user is planning to go by public transport, a route will be shown with indication of transport types that can be used, transfers and the duration of the trip. For cars – duration will be estimated. The application also notifies the user about the necessity to depart and available transport options allowing the user to arrive on time.
  • Parking planning. The application helps to calculate the cost of parking at the airport taking into account the type of parking lot and duration. The user can choose the parking conditions that are most suitable. When a parking lot is chosen, the user can view the map of the airport with the parking lot position marked.

Tracking trips. A planned trip is recorded in an in-app notebook/database and external push notification service if notification is needed. For all recorded flights the information (date, status, departure/arrival time, gate, zone, and baggage claim zone) is constantly updated. When a traveler is approaching the airport, the application will display:

  • the closest flight from the list of recorded flights;
  • parking information.

Miscellaneous functionality:

  1. In-application “Arrival and Departure Board” displays flights for the chosen date.
  2. Shop and Café information. The application shows all shops and Cafés that offer discounts for people travelling to certain destinations and/or all available places of interest. Users can also view positions of shops and cafes on the airport map.
  3. Parking Reminder feature allows recording the parking lot, level and parking space where the car is parked.
  4. The Home screen of the application displays the
    length of lines for security check for recorded flights.
  5. The Airport map displays all available shops, cafés as well as gates and zones.
  6. Referral information section gives access to data on
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Lost and Found offices
    • Security Requirements
  7. Panel of airport state displays current situation in the airport to show online information about delays, warnings or other useful messages.
  8. Location services to find path and travel time to/from the airport and show useful information near it.
  9. Using external transport service to get travel time on car/taxi or public transport.
  10. Updating maps via Internet if a new version is available.

General features:

  • Portrait mode is supported.
  • Сaching of the significant data received from the Internet server is implemented.
  • The application takes advantage of JSON REST API for interacting with server.
  • Google.
  • The application was developed with the complicated navigation between screens.
  • Push notifications are used for flight reminders (local notifications for common using and external service to notify the user about delays, cancelling and other important information).


OCSICO developed an application that helps users access information about flights, plan trips to and from the airport, track planned trips. Now it is planned to continue working on a new version of the application.

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