Open up new horizons in Education

The specifics of the Education industry imply the development of custom-tailored ed-tech and e-learning solutions. OCSICO’s engineering team cooperates with the industry experts to create, deliver and deploy solutions for individual users or private and public organizations. If you believe it’s time to revolutionize the educational experience of yours and your learners, click this link… Read More


Reshape your Retail Business Strategies through technology

OCSICO offers the retail solutions that drive sales, improve customer experience and back up your revenue-boosting business approaches. We develop custom systems for in-store purchase automation, IoT retail, smart shopping cart and budget balancing, customer behavior analysis, real-time data synchronization and reporting. If you are searching for a cost-effective retail software solution, then follow this… Read More


February follow-up

February is the shortest month, but for our company, it was generous with events. If you still don’t follow our news feed, we are glad to offer you a monthly news digest, so that you can keep up with life at OCSICO.     We are glad to share our expertise in the development of… Read More


Review our new Case Study

Smartpods Workstations are designed and manufactured by a Canadian company. This innovative line of office furniture is essential for creating a healthy work environment. With the embedded philosophy of NEAT/NEPA, these dynamic workstations deal with the problem of limited motor activity of office employees. Get comprehensive technical insight from our new portfolio case study.


Our solutions for your Document Management workflow

OCSICO is at the forefront to address clients’ challenges with up-to-date tech solutions that help effectively manage any type of company information. We are a Microsoft partner, and we offer a full range of MS SharePoint development services including the development of custom DMS based on Microsoft SharePoint platform. And to make the intellectual capital… Read More


Advance forward with Custom Web Application

Great news for those business owners questing for a solution to make their businesses smart and growing! You needn’t search any longer, as it is high time to check OCSICO’s offer of the advanced Custom web applications development services. We take expertise in E-Commerce, Healthcare, Fleet Management, Retail, Banking and so on. Our experienced developers… Read More


New track in the Enterprise Software Development

We are glad to offer state-of-the-art Enterprise Software Solutions for both large established corporations and brand-new startups. For over 15 years, we have gathered expertise and have won clients’ loyalty around the world. OCSICO offers bespoke solutions for business automation, developed on the bases of most sought-after platforms and frameworks. We are always ready to… Read More

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