Application service providers

We can assist ASP companies to expand their offering to the market, to reduce time-to-market for new services, to support existing software/systems. Main reasons for ASP companies to consider our service offering:

  • Speed up services delivery. Market tendencies change very often. In order to ensure that your services satisfy market expectations you need to constantly offer new software/services to clients. Our team possesses power and knowledge to let you hit the market with new offerings quicker than your competitors.
  • Lower costs. Apart from competitive prices we can propose to you knowledge of the best industry practices, effective quality organization to increase effectiveness of product development and cut the costs to lower the total cost of ownership.
  • Maintain and enhance customer base. Whether there is a need to support software currently provided or to increase efficiency and productivity of the existing software by adding new functionality, improving performance, increasing usability, you can outsource it to us. Thus there would be no need to distract your in-house resources from their core work.
Please submit a short project request, and our account managers will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss our future cooperation.
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