Outsourcing in just 3 steps

Getting started with us is easy: in three simple steps your idea will be formalized and prepared for transformation into a commercial product.

Outsourcing in three easy steps

  • Submit. Communicate your needs to us in any form: RFQ document, product specification, informal list of requirements or just draw your idea on a napkin. We will sign a non-disclosure agreement and our business analysts will start their work.
  • Discuss. This stage is about sharing ideas and suggestions, clarification of ambiguous or missing requirements, defining a development approach suitable for your project.
  • Finalize. Depending on the chosen model of cooperation we would either develop a fixed quote proposal or pre-select candidates for your dedicated team.

We sign an agreement and your project is already on the way!

Please submit a short project request, and our account managers will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss our future cooperation.
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