Vadim Shevchuk

Chief Executive Officer

As the CEO of OCSICO, Vadim is responsible for providing leadership of the company by working with the executive management team to establish, execute and oversee the goals, strategies, plans and policies of the company.

Working guidelines: “If you can dream it, then you can achieve it; there is always a room for improvement; trust and professionalism is a winning combination.”

Valery Yalouskikh

CEO of OCSICO Corporation (US)

As the CEO of the U.S. Office, Valery dedicates his work to the representation of company’s interests in the United States and the development of partnerships with regional clients. He is responsible for local office development and business operations support.

Working guidelines: “It takes strong commitment to transform the way how the clients abroad learn about our company. Quality and credibility matters everything for us!”

Alesia Stolepchenko

Head of Sales and Business Development

As the Head of Sales and Business Development, Alesia provides leadership for achieving maximum sales increase and profitability in keeping with the company mission and values. She establishes plans and strategies for expanding customer base in each of the company’s markets.

About work: “Invent, experiment, take risks and make difference. It takes courage and it is amazing.”

Sergey Kastukevich

Chief Technical Officer

As the CTO of the company, Sergey supervises software development project flow and provides organisational support for team leaders and customers. In his daily activities Sergey is working towards building a proactive and highly professional technical team and, as a result – to providing high quality services for every project.

Working guidelines: “The software development is really interesting and inspiring. This is because with every project we can change the world to better. And it works!”

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