Belarus as an outsourcing destination

Belarus is situated in Eastern Europe, surrounded by Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine. This very convenient location allows for easy access from most European capitals with a flight of 1-2 hours. Belarus has the same time zone as Finland and is just one hour ahead from other EU countries. Nearly 1/5 of the whole population lives in Minsk (capital of Belarus), where the best universities, research laboratories and IT hubs are situated.

The Belarusian ICT industry receives governmental support in terms of simplified process to set up a business and preferential taxation regime, including exemption from VAT, profit and real estate taxes. This favorable business climate brings additional benefits to our customers in terms of stability, security and cost advantages.

Reasons to outsource to Belarus:

  • Cultural ties to Europe and geographical proximity;
  • Competitive prices and favorable investment climate;
  • Highly skilled IT manpower, robust higher education systems;
  • Special business and taxation conditions for IT industry;
  • IT market is growing at a fast pace – over 16,000 technical graduates annually;
  • Advanced network of research institutions to support industrialized economy.
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