Hidden costs of outsourcing: Beware financial pitfalls

    Hidden costs of outsourcing: Beware financial pitfalls

    If you follow our blog, you have already read experts’ opinion on web app development costs and web development pricing models. In this article, we are going to dwell upon some specific issue of financing of outsourcing software projects. The cost of software development is one of the most frequently discussed questions. On a daily… Read More

    5 tips to communicate effectively with your outsourcing partner

    A professional team is the cornerstone of every lucrative project. Outsourcing is vital when it comes to putting a great team together. But hand-picking talented individuals is only the first step. Shaping a well-structured communication process is an equally important task. The main reason companies opt for outsourcing is the low price for custom application… Read More

    Time tracking and reporting: Pitfalls and useful tips

    Time is money, and developers working hours are paid in accordance with the set rates. Customers, in their turn, would like to make sure that outsourced team members don’t waste project money and fully commit themselves to work. That’s why working time requires accurate tracking and documenting for creating invoices and sending them to clients…. Read More

    Outsourcing tips. Part V: Project start

    That is when your provider’s development team takes lead. How it goes depends on how much has been done during the previous stages. If you have planned everything properly, there’s almost nothing that can go wrong now. Use version control software and do backups We live in the real world and things happen, be prepared…. Read More

    Outsourcing tips. Part IV: Project planning

    So, you have decided to outsource a project and have already chosen a provider. What’s next? Analysis and design is the most important part of the project. It is the stage when you build the foundations of your product and if it is done properly, your project will be a pleasure to develop and use…. Read More