Mobile App Development

    Fashionable word “mobility”

    Mobility – a very fashionable word today, but what did we start with? The idea of such communication means appeared as early as the year 1947, when DH Ring and WR Young published a Bell Laboratories’ article “Mobile Telephony – Wide Area Coverage”. But it took us some more time to bring this idea to… Read More

    iPhone magic

    iPhone. Have you even noticed the magic of this word/brand? It’s so popular and fashionable that it simply can’t be ignored. And I’m sure this Apple’s invention deserves the every piece of attention it receives. Has it ever evolved any of this thoughts in your head: “It’s fashionable”, “I should have one!”, “An outstanding design”… Read More

    Windows phones: Will they stay afloat?

    In this article I want to look at Windows Phones and to analyze its standing in the smartphone market by comparing it to its main competitors such as Android and iPhone. My statement is that Windows phone will stay afloat! Here is why… Let’s start with statistics which is comparatively positive. According to Statista (,… Read More

    Will Android be No.1?

    Nobody doubts that mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. Taking into consideration a rich variety of them one can always find something to satisfy his/her needs. A mobile device is no longer only a means of communication; it also serves as a portable source of information having an access to the… Read More