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    Business consulting routine. Part 2. Typical mistakes and how to avoid them

    Business consulting routine. Part 2. Typical mistakes and how to avoid them

    If a software development process were a railway, business consulting and analysis services would be the rails. It is an essential stage of creating digital products: a thorough business analysis ensures project success and contributes to user satisfaction with a solution. Business analysts (BAs) often run into software development bottlenecks. Therefore providers and their clients… Read More

    Business acceleration through IT innovations: Practice workshop

    The years of long-term cooperation with client companies have yielded fruitful results. OCSICO’s business consultants and IT analysts have been monitoring the efficiency of delivered custom solutions, which led to compiling comprehensive researches. Consulting industrial, trading, transport, and manufacturing businesses of various sizes our experts came up with the results to share in this article…. Read More

    OCSICO for startups: It is better to be first to market

    Our company is the right place to elaborate and develop your boldest startup ideas. We offer more than affordable rates and a rich tech portfolio to push the development limits and allow you to give quality life to your idea within the shortest time and reasonable costs.   How can we assist your startup? It… Read More

    Business consulting routine at OCSICO

    Why are business analysts so often out of the office? Because they work on the client’s side! This job is more complicated than meets the eye. It requires proper data collecting, documenting and analyzing, as well as constant and close communication with customers. BA is an IT company’s superhero who combines the qualities typical for… Read More