Windows phones: Will they stay afloat?

In this article I want to look at Windows Phones and to analyze its standing in the smartphone market by comparing it to its main competitors such as Android and iPhone.

My statement is that Windows phone will stay afloat!

Here is why…

Let’s start with statistics which is comparatively positive. According to Statista (, Windows Phone had a global smartphone OS market share of 2.6 percent in the first quarter of 2011. By August 2014, they had increased market share to 2.9 percent. Though it is not a significant increase, it is indeed a positive dynamics, taking into account that there are two very strong players in the market. Blackberry, for example went down from 13,6% to 0,8% in the same period.


“Global smartphone OS market share held by RIM (BlackBerry) from 2007 to 2014” by Statista (

So why do we observe positive dynamics?

1.1. Security
Let’s look at three platforms (Android, iOS and Microsoft) from the security perspective.

Google’s Android is an open system, meaning users of this platform can get almost unlimited access to different applications, which, unfortunately for Android, makes it much more vulnerable to different viruses and harmful applications. Therefore, 60% of mobile malware infections happen on Android.

We can’t say the same about Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Both systems are closed, which means consumers can only install approved applications from trusted sources. All the programs and applications are scrutinized by Apple’s and Microsoft’s security checks.

1.2. Applications
According to Statista, users of Android can choose among 1.5 million applications, iPhone’s users-1.4 million available apps. And only 340,000 go to Windows Phone.

The reason is Windows Phone’s latter arrival on the market and closed operating system unlike Android’s open system.


Data is provided by Statista (

1.3. UI
Talking about the UI design, Windows Phone takes a good standing among other mobile operating systems. This operating system has a very nice start screen, cohesive look and feel throughout applications. Many argue that interface of Windows Phone is better organized than the interface of iOS, easier to deal with simply by reading about unknown steps and applications in your device iOS, on the other hand, is a much more intuitive platform. You either know how to use it or not.

Meanwhile for Android you can radically change the interface by downloading any applications and styles from third-party programs. However, transition amplitudes are not always very smooth.

In general Windows Phone has more advanced navigation system, personalized camera settings and Office documents (Word, Excel, Power Point) than iPhone and Android.

ios-1 vs android-3 vs wp-2


1.4. Updates
Microsoft releases Windows Phone software updates to add additional features and enhance Windows Phone’s performance. You can download updates when they are available for you and they are usually available on the first day of their release.

1.5. Price
Windows Phone is not as expensive as iPhone as there are much more devices to choose from. In case of iPhone you have only two choices: previous older version or the expensive brand new version.

As for Android, it is very difficult to compare the price of the devices operated on Android platform with previous ones, because the variety of them is huge. You can choose from local, cheap, unknown devices to famous, expensive, flagship phones.

Summarizing, Windows Phone is prefect for those who look for safety, security, good documentation package, excellent navigation, camera settings and who want to save their budget.

iPhones are beautiful, safe, expensive and more intuitive than Windows Phone.

Android-based phones are for those who value freedom, variety but they are not as safe as those using Windows Phone and iOS in terms of viruses and hacker attacks.

Some more good reasons to choose Windows Phone 10:

  • Continuum for Phones allows phones running Windows Phone 10 transform into desktop PCs when connected to larger screens.
  • Windows 10 has the new music app, giving you access to the music you’ve got on the phone and on OneDrive.
  • A video previewing app, which lets you see all the movies and shows you have.
  • A new camera application.
  • New Xbox applications.
  • Universal Office apps (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) are included in the new build of Windows 10. Office for touch devices on Windows 10 will work the same way on your phone as it does on your PC.
  • An updated version of Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar for Windows 10 touch devices.
  • Kid’s Corner makes parental control wonderfully easy: it allows to seamlessly limit your kids’ activities to safe areas leaving mail, documents, payments intact.

So, it’s up to you what platform to use but I believe that WPs will strengthen their position in the marketplace and become the device of choice of many more people in the future.


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