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rdAt this very moment you and your company are eligible to applying for the Top 100 by the Research and Development magazine list. The annual application acceptance period is begun and you are free to try. For more than 40 years the magazine has been making a list of most outstanding inventions. Among the top 100 were the fax machine, halogen lamps and HDTV. The winners are chosen by a jury of experienced and qualified specialists in the field comparing the nominee with the current products and services. What I love about the list is that only the products that are actually manufactured and sold or at least available for licensing qualify for the contest – this aspect makes the game worth the candles. It is clear that not all of the inventions do stay widely used, but everything changes and there is no end for perfection.

The hosts of the award want to make sure that the winners do make a significant contribution to improving living standards in general so a project for energy saving or a cure for a common disease stands a good chance. Among the last year’s winners there are Maglev 200 Magnetic Levitation Haptic Interface, the Zone Trusted Information Channel (ZTIC) and a Leveraged Freedom Chair (LFC).

At the first sight there is not much room for a software development company, manufacturing customer ERP products and web sites or doing embedded development for Siemens controllers. Well, I will give you a hint. A Statistical Radiation Detection System (SRaDS), a free Web tool, Home Energy Saver (HES) 3D Antenna modeling were included in the list recently – all these software. May be it is amazing but your company can make a difference. Have a closer look at your product – I am sure there is something to boast and you just didn’t realize that it is so much innovative. Remember – many of the wonderful inventions were made at the plant of the manufacturers but not in a scientific lab.

Some would say – I do not have the time to do all the necessary paperwork, we need to concentrate on our product, it’s not our priority. Sure it is not the main reason why you do what you do. But mind you – such a competition is always a way to boost sales – it is a respected and well-known list, sometimes even called “Oscars of Innovation”, not mentioning the honor itself.

It is sure true that a new product in any of the trend areas stands greater chances, as mature industries are a place where all the major discoveries have already been made. Especially if you are dealing with some new technology, such as cloud computing for example, or nearfield communication, or may be face recognition. For example one of OCSICO’s projects is a computer vision software, the functionality of which includes face and hand movement recognition, helping to gather and analyze merchandising information and analyze staff activities. May be your company has something of the kind in mind, or may be already developed? Do not hesitate to take the challenge. If you feel some uncertainty on this path you can consult out team and we share our experience with you or may be help you build your own innovative software.

PS: You can also be a judge!


  1. A page to start from if you think you can qualify.
  2. Our R&D page or just contact us.
  3. This year’s categories dealing directly with software: Software, Communication Technologies, Safety and Security, Imaging Technologies, Information Technologies.
  4. The list of last year’s winners.
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