This is an e-commerce world

Any time you are buying a Skype subscription, searching for new apps in AppStore or Android market, buying other stuff online you can’t but realize the crucial importance of e-commerce!

It’s almost impossible to imagine a life without online stores in the 21st century. Shopping is an essential part of our lives and retailers are striving to make it more convenient and pleasant attracting new customers.

But what is behind our beloved Gap, Lenovo, Nokia,, Samsung, Skype and many other shops? There is the commonly recognized and appreciated open source solution – Magento.

Here goes the overall definition of the program from Wikipedia: “Magento is an open source based e-commerce web application that was launched on March 31, 2008. It was developed by Varien with help from the programmers within the open source community”. While in reality, Magento is a very popular, powerful and feature rich shopping cart; moreover, it’s absolutely free!


Like every other system Magento has some drawbacks, but the number of advantages prevails and I would like to mention some of them.

  • Open Source and Flexible. As mentioned above, Magento is free and users don’t have to pay a monthly fee. Besides, the code is open, which allows developers to find and fix bugs, to add new features. Magento is also well equipped with the facility to modify or include new features.
  • A variety of features. The basic version of Magento includes all possible features of a good e-commerce shop to satisfy the needs of most customers. There are the shopping cart, catalog management, search, check-out and administration functions.
  • Multi-Store Capacity. The program allows retailers to have a number of stores online with a single admin panel. There is one backend to manage multiple websites, which is very convenient.
  • Rich payment options. For e-commerce systems it’s very important to stay multi-lingual and multi-currency capable in the modern market. Magento offers intercontinental currencies which ease out the complexities of income transactions.

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