The magic of web application design

The magic of web application design

For a number of projects we have created for our clients, the kernel of the web application development process was the application design. In fact, web design can do magic. It predetermines our software solutions success with the client and the solutions competitiveness in the market. Now it is time to lift the curtain hiding the secrets of our project design stages and related processes.

On-demand business analysis

As the most crucial stage of a large-scale project, business analysis requires the involvement of qualified business analysts, consultants, UX experts, and web designers. Sometimes, it is necessary to engineer a cluster of web apps for different end-users. Our experts prefer the classical gathering of users’ requirements and the further business specification development to meet the challenge. For smaller projects, we incorporate these separate stages and all related processes into the general project workflow. We engage experienced project managers to cut down our costs on the development of business and system specifications. We also seek for qualified UX experts to participate in creating the graphic concepts. Their primary goal is to bring in wide domain expertise to the project.

Design proposal

First, we organize a creative briefing with the client’s team. We realize that our expertise in the domain can be insufficient, and therefore, we thoroughly dig into the details. Communication is the key to giving a successful briefing. The task is to push through the default mental barrier between our business analysts and UX experts on one side of the barrier and our clients on the other side. Our designers scrutinize the target business domain to analyze industry best practices and bring them to the table for further discussion. Next, we use a proactive approach to receive feedback. We present preliminary design materials and drafts and after that, we pass on to discussing ideas with our client. This way, we effectively use time set by our clients for communication and cooperation on the project.


Visualization is better than documentation as our business analysts say. We put into wireframes all information regarding the logic of a web application, its architecture and navigation. Our practice shows that such approach significantly facilitates fixing errors and ease the alignment process. Our clients receive the opportunity to continuously analyze the work of our team within a shorter period of time. We can be sure that the clients get the comprehensive insight into the processes and grasp everything they need.

Moreover, we offer our clients to cooperate with our designers on the web application interactive prototype. This option dramatically simplifies the processes of development and alignment. And as the cherry on top, this prototype becomes a functional part of a final project with zero front-end expenses.


We coordinate each UX development stage with our clients. It inevitably results in the need to make changes to the project. These modifications are crucial, but designers are not always able to quickly rework the whole graphic concept or to make changes to the UX structure. Practice shows that modifications may take more time than the development of the initial concept. Therefore, we use special approach to efficiently change the initial design.

  • We use artistic infrastructure for the design review stage. It allows our clients to quickly provide us with feedback, create and share graphic drafts, and attach graphic materials. All clients’ comments are stored in chronological order, which helps us roll back through the design timeline and track the progress.
  • Our experienced project managers have an excellent command of special approaches and methodologies to work on changes. They smoothly manage changes, spot contradictions, and prioritize tasks. As a result, our team creates the solutions that meet all customers’ requirements and business needs. What’s more, we stay within the approved budget and deliver turnkey solutions on time.
  • We apply special techniques for solving complex creative tasks. Based on our vast expertise, we can claim that changing the graphic concept entails significant risks. Thus, the teamwork of designers is engaged in each project. In collaboration, different specialists effectively come up with the most appropriate creative ideas and techniques.


Property rights 

Finally, our clients get full rights for all graphic materials developed for the custom web project. Everything from drafts and changes to rejected designs will be lately owned by our customers. By using creative infrastructure, we can deliver all the materials to the customer’s side.

Web Applications Design is an engaging creative process, and we offer you as a client to go through this process together with our team. Share with us your ideas of a web app for your business and start your project with the awesome UI/UX design.


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