Social networking: Good or bad?

What do you do in the first place when you turn on your computer? Is it Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Xing or may be My Space or any local analogue that you check in at? When we want to have a chat, share news, have a look at our friends we do not arrange a meeting at a cafe, but just log in and write a message or post a comment on the status update.

Of course we can argue what kind of effect it has on our lifestyle and communication habits, it is actually a topic for another passage. Nevertheless it is a bold fact that we spend much more time “liking” our friend’s photos than actually admiring them in person.

Is this good or bad?

I would say it is wonderful if you are an entrepreneur, a company, a charity foundation, a fun club, any kind of institution aiming at widening your membership. There are dozens of obvious and less obvious ways to do it. I’ll try to mention the most influential.

  1. Facebook – this is arguably the first place to go to build your client network, competing with Linkedin. I personally believe there can be no real competition between those two as Facebook is perfect for B2C activitiy and Linkedin is more about B2B(see below). An amasing place to find new connections and friends including customers – its informality and simplicity are just what you need. Build an account and make sure you are heard, be active and responsive and there you are -Bingo!
  2. LinkedIn. As I have already mentioned – a perfect place for B2B communication. Provided you keep your policies reasonable there is a nice chance to find a partner here and a easy and open way to evaluate the party. I should mention Xing here – a similar service, mostly popular with German- and Spanish-speaking professional. It does offer some extended functionality, has a bunch on interesting groups – so if this is your target audience – take the chance.
  3. Twitter. The rising star. Precisely – the risen star. Gaining in popularity, this service offers an innovative approach and is therefore sky-high efficient if you know how to handle it.
  4. Blogging – no matter which blogging service you use, “Content is the King”.

Well, those are just the biggest, but not the only. Being incredibly influential the services are a wonderful tool. Do not forget about the company site. Minding all the new opportunities, the web site is still the face of an organization. It is where your customers come, a communication mediator, a data source and to some extent – an entertainer – as fun is often a buying stimulus. It is often extremely hard to combine all these and stay logical at the same time. Often a professional advice is decisive for the future of your web presence, so we need to be extremely careful about it.

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