Small fleet maintenance software: Luxury or necessity?

Small fleet maintenance software: Luxury or necessity?

At present time most of the large fleets are aware of the necessity of good management software. However, when it comes to small fleets, do they recognize the full potential of maintenance software? Indeed, do they really need it?


Let’s face it, the most common reason that prevents managers from implementing a management system is the size of the fleet. They either claim that they cannot afford it or that it is suitable only for large fleets. This belief stems from the fact that many fleet managers view management software only as the possibility to track all the company’s vehicles on the map. As a result, some of the fleet owners do not feel urgent need in such systems. Another common misconception lies in the fact that small fleets do not require all the features that are offered to large fleets. Yes, some of the features may range from one vendor to another. Yet there are many aspects that are similar within various systems. Moreover, at present time there are many reliable software development companies who understand that each fleet is different and unique. It is also worth considering that software system doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Nowadays there are many software systems that are affordable and developed specifically so as to cover the needs of small fleets. It gives fleet managers the opportunity to choose the system that perfectly suits their needs and requirements.


car-serviceSo, what are the main benefits that fleets gain from implementing maintenance software? Let’s imagine that fleet runs around 30 trucks. Is it too small for a software package? The truth is that quite often small fleets do not even realize the true amount of pieces of equipment that they possess. Except from the trucks, their shops often contain trailers, dollies and a number of other equipment. Maintenance software will allow small fleets to manage all these issues what is crucial for any fleet irrespective of their size. Management software may become a great tool in tracking the company’s inventory making it possible to spot the obsolete parts. The ability to manage all of the fleet assets and inventory level will eventually end in great savings. Maintenance software also enables fleets to track fuel purchases, purchase orders, vehicles licensing, etc. It allows fleets to truck costs per mile what is essential in determining the company’s profitability. This relevant information will allow fleet owners to raise the bar on productivity and to best operate their fleets.

Maintenance software should boost technician productivity as well. It gives managers the opportunity to analyze the way mechanics do their job as well as how much time it takes them to do it. Knowing this information will let managers to choose the best mechanic in order to perform some specific task or service. Such system also makes it possible to exclude re-work as managers may have immediate access to the whole vehicle service history. Based on the data provided by vehicle histories fleet managers may easily find problems with the equipment and immediately eliminate them. They may keep all the necessary information on the computer. The DOT will benefit from such system as well once they come in for inspection. Instead of looking through inspection reports for long hours they will easily find all the valid data stored on the computer.


Most of managers admit that fleet maintenance is a burning issue. Indeed, maintenance software is the only key to automate preventative maintenance and other services. This system may be used in order to track purchase and repair orders. Maintenance software packages make the processes of tracking vehicle warranty information much easier. Therefore fleet managers should realize that applying maintenance software is crucial for their businesses as it will end in great cost savings in the long run.

The thing is that fleet managers should view the implementation of maintenance software as an investment rather than spending. Implemented in a proper way, fleet management software may become an efficient tool in increasing the company’s productivity. Management software provides managers with absolute transparency regarding their maintenance activities. As a result, they will have a clear idea of what should be done in order to prevent the major breakdowns or some other issues. The usage of maintenance software will undoubtedly cut the company’s costs. Moreover, instead of spending long hours trying to find invoices, warranty information or when the service is due, fleet managers will have the opportunity to devote their time and energy to their business development. Considering all these points, it becomes clear that the adoption of maintenance software is not a luxury but a necessity.


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