SharePoint: Get inspired

It’s almost impossible to imagine 2 rivals in the technology world which could be as powerful and huge as .NET and Java. They seem to compete at every level and it enforces them to invent something new to attract new users. SharePoint is a successful attempt of Microsoft to stay ahead of competition.

Researches show that SharePoint is getting more and more widespread and popular. This is the system which was created to help people work together much easier. SharePoint is a Microsoft’s content management system. It allows groups to set up a centralized, password protected space for document sharing. Documents can be stored, downloaded and edited, then uploaded for continued sharing. (SAIT Polytechnic Teaching – Glossary).

Though I wouldn’t limit its abilities to only document sharing as one cannot deny that it also improves reporting, promotes better collaboration, automates business processes, integrates with existing tools and optimizes the whole working process within a company.
Let’s try to mention the major advantages of SharePoint:

  • Easy-to-use corporate portal – SharePoint is a very useful tool to store the information, documents and various materials within a company. Sharing information within the organization becomes fast and easy. Whether you run a small or large sized business you will have an enormous number of digital documents that need to be accessed daily or monthly and it’s a great advantage to have them organized.
  • Accessibility – whenever there is a need to access the system a user can do this from remote locations through the internet as SharePoint is delivered through a web browser. In addition there are also specially configured mobile views.
  • Control and safety – a user can access data stored in a single place, besides he can track any changes implemented to the required file by receiving notifications about such changes, this is also visible to a site owner which enables him to prevent unnecessary updates or management thus ensuring the integrity of documents stored.
  • Promoted collaboration – users get connected in workplaces, they can create blogs, polls, organize documents, manage calendars, discuss and share information or resources they need. This specific feature lets companies to get started faster deploying a collaborative environment with minimal administrative time and effort.

SharePoint is not a brand new technology but new features are being constantly introduced. OCSICO with years of experience is eager to assist customers in implementing the system, consulting, staying updated to all new changes, customizing the system’s architecture. We provide the whole cycle of services in terms of SharePoint. Feel inspired? Let’s schedule a meeting with our professional team!

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