Fun robotics

    Our team have been working on robotics related projects since early years of OCSICO as a company. Some application areas that we have worked in: Autonomous storing and mapping Functionality that allows to manipulate a group of robots at a time Autonomous positioning Object detection SLAM Simultaneous Location and Motion Autonomous operation Sounds rather boring… Read More

    This is an e-commerce world

    Any time you are buying a Skype subscription, searching for new apps in AppStore or Android market, buying other stuff online you can’t but realize the crucial importance of e-commerce! It’s almost impossible to imagine a life without online stores in the 21st century. Shopping is an essential part of our lives and retailers are… Read More

    Smart homes

    1. What makes a home smart? An idea to makes one’s home interconnected, easily operated from one device/appliance is not a new one. As the majority of ground-breaking ideas it found its place and followers through science fiction novels and continued its path in the early inventions. According to the UK Department of Trade and… Read More

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