Time to innovate

    At this very moment you and your company are eligible to applying for the Top 100 by the Research and Development magazine list. The annual application acceptance period is begun and you are free to try. For more than 40 years the magazine has been making a list of most outstanding inventions. Among the top… Read More

    Smart machines

    “Robot” is a word created by Karel Capek in the first half of the last century. It fitted our vocabulary so swiftly and comfortably that it seems to be as old as a word “table” or say “apple”. Indeed, it is a notion that reflects a widely used technology. Some imagine robots as androids exclusively,… Read More

    iPhone magic

    iPhone. Have you even noticed the magic of this word/brand? It’s so popular and fashionable that it simply can’t be ignored. And I’m sure this Apple’s invention deserves the every piece of attention it receives. Has it ever evolved any of this thoughts in your head: “It’s fashionable”, “I should have one!”, “An outstanding design”… Read More

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