Outsourcing tips. Part V: Project start

Outsourcing tips. Part V: Project start

That is when your provider’s development team takes lead. How it goes depends on how much has been done during the previous stages. If you have planned everything properly, there’s almost nothing that can go wrong now.

Use version control software and do backups

We live in the real world and things happen, be prepared. It will be very useful especially as your team is distributed.

Communication tips for the project development stage:

  • Communicate actively

Though it might seem superfluous to spend a lot of time on communication, it will pay off. There will be no misunderstood tasks or architectural collisions.

  • Do invest in a good contact person/project manager in your office

This person will be the connection link between you and your supplier. He/She will be the one who knows what are the project’s bottlenecks, the one who will be able to handle tight corners and ensure flawless communication.

  • Agree on the reporting method in advance

Make sure you know what your project’s dynamics are. It will also help single out best performers for your future projects.

  • Arrange regular status meetings

Whether you are using Agile or not, regular meetings will help you activate your project process, resolve issues quickly and in general, learn to communicate better.

  • Spend some time in the beginning of the project on knowledge transfer

It will be a good idea to provide the team with as much information about the project as possible. Plan some introductory meetings or even have part of the team travel to your location to get the ball rolling.


  • Work together with your provider for the benefit of your product

An outsourced project is a job for two(companies). Even if the development is done completely on the Contractor’s side, it always makes sense for the Customer to check intermediate results.

  • Voice your concerns

Tell you provider if you are not satisfied. Chances are it’s an honest mistake and the situation can be improved. Any sensible service provider is highly interested in continuous cooperation with a Customer, so they will do everything possible to resolve any issues.

  • Do not expect miracles 

Outsourcing offers a lot of advantages, but it is not a plaster for all sores. In order to outsource effectively you should first and foremost get your internal team ready for the undertaking and plan the work thoroughly together with your provider. Communication is very important and might turn out to be tricky. Just like any other project, an outsourced one will take some effort and time, but with reasonable planning it will help you save time, money, increase flexibility.

If you have any questions – let me know (jane.matsesha@ocsico.com). We will be happy to help!


  1. Try us, we are good! https://ocsico.com/company/reasons-to-choose-ocsico
  2. A good read on Mashable about advantages and disadvantages of different ways to staff your project – http://mashable.com/2010/11/26/software-development-staffing/.

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