Outsourcing tips. Part I: Introduction. Main ingredients of your success

Outsourcing tips. Part I: Introduction. Main ingredients of your success

Let us have a look at the stages in planning an outsourced project.

Ideally, they will lead to a successfully delivered project. Unfortunately sometimes the results do not match our expectations. So, what can we do to avoid such outcome?

Any project is a multicomponent living organism, so there are many ways to succeed and likewise, lots of ways to fail. Though the topic is well-covered, we would like to share our experience.

Why take our advice? 

OCSICO has been working in software development outsourcing for over 10 years and during those years we were able accumulate some considerable expertise and to single out some tips to guide you through an outsourced project.

What are the main ingredients of a successful project?

We believe there are only two: a good provider and properly build communication.

Choosing a provider will be the first, very important step in your project. Nevertheless, communication will stay the main ingredient, because even working with a perfect provider it is highly possible to overlook important notions if they are not communicated properly. This is even more crucial when you think about the project scope.

Generally, you can divide the communication process into two layers – administrative and development – from the very start of your communication with a provider. It is good to have separate people responsible for them.

In our further articles we will go into some detail about the ways to find a reliable partner and ensure smooth communication through all stages.

If you have any questions, please list them in the comment section or write to jane.matsesha@ocsico.com

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