Outsourcing tips. Part II: Answering the question “Is outsourcing for me?”



There is only one answer – Yes.

Any software development project – no matter how big or small, how complicated – can be outsourced, provided it is handled individually.


Let your project’s needs guide you in your future steps

Choose the provider and way of cooperation based on your project requirements. If you are looking for a long-term partner, try to find a supplier that will suit the majority of your projects. Later on, when you have accumulated some experience you will be able to look for another provider to match other types of request you might have.

Important project characteristics:

  • Size of the project
  • Project requirements in terms of scalability
  • Your company’s expertise in the technologies you plan to use
  • Deadlines, release schedule
  • Your need in support and maintenance.
Why outsource?

Small or medium-sized company

Bigger company

A small or middle-sized projectIt always makes sense for a small company to outsource as it helps to avoid risks connected with hiring an employee to your office.Another important advantage is that you can reach out to expertise that is otherwise out of your experience range.For a bigger company outsourcing is first of all a way to cut development costs. Though outsourcing a smaller project might not offer much in terms of cost-saving, is it usually viewed as a good way of starting to work with a provider, fine-tuning processes.It is usually easier for a bigger company to start outsourcing as their business practices are easier to transfer.
A long-lasting projectLonger projects are risky for smaller companies. For example, staff attrition poses a risk for ongoing projects in terms of duration and code quality. Having an outsourcing partner to support you will help to mitigate such risks.Cost reduction is also a major advantage of outsourcing bigger projects as the saving is more significant.Working on a bigger project can be a first step in setting your own offshore development center. OCSICO, for example offer our services in building a dedicated development center in our office which later on can be transformed into an independent company in Minsk.

Communication tips for this stage:

  • Now it is internal work, so sit down with your team and analyze the challenges you are facing. Is it big load of projects, necessity to expand to some new technological expertise, something else? This information is crucial to your understanding of the company’s needs.

In our next article we will find out how to choose a provider from the thousands companies on the market.

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