OCSICO for startups: It is better to be first to market

OCSICO for startups: It is better to be first to market

Our company is the right place to elaborate and develop your boldest startup ideas. We offer more than affordable rates and a rich tech portfolio to push the development limits and allow you to give quality life to your idea within the shortest time and reasonable costs.


How can we assist your startup?

It is too often the case when brilliant revelations fail to meet the target audience since investors are unable to grasp and gauge a genuine author’s idea. The passion of inventors dashes against bankers’ relentless calculations of profit. To facilitate startups path to market, we offer the Special Service Package and Program to assist you in implementing your idea at minimal risks.

Professional BI and IT consultants to the rescue

While designing a new product, you one hundred percent need a “fresh look” at your business concept. We gather our most experienced consultants and analysts to give the unbiased assessment and critique. The engagement of their expertise cannot be underestimated: the thorough studying of business needs and user requirements allows obtaining a greater amount of valuable information and formalize it in a set of documentation (Business specification, System specification, etc.) You will need these documents should investors decide to subject your business concept to independent audit. In this case, you will augment the documents with the developed specifications. It will highlight to the investors your in-depth awareness of the current market and your target audience.

On top of all that, our expert consultants will help you to project an optimal MVP with the view to developing the best possible product within the limited budgeting requirements. Keep in mind that time is not on your side, and it is vital to be the first to push your startup product to the market!

Hardware infrastructure

How would you like the idea of launching your startup with little or no capital expenditures? It is not about renting a cloud server – our data-center specialists offer one-stop infrastructure services for your project. You will have all the necessary equipment for hosting, maintenance and testing at your service. In addition, you can negotiate further maintenance and host of your product upon the completion of the development.


Having a prototype, you can solve a number of problems. Firstly, you can demonstrate the investors the feasible implementation of your idea proving that you are halfway to success.

Secondly, a smoothly functioning prototype may help you to engage early adopters and get real feedback.

Thirdly, implementing your idea, you get better insight into opportunities and perspectives for the new product (we have witnessed for several times already how our clients change their view of a product in the course of prototyping).

Pilot projects discounts

Special contract conditions will allow you to cut the development cost in the initial project phase and to save expenses for the upcoming phases. OCSICO is ready to share risks with young and bold startups. Cooperating with us, you will get more free resources for marketing and promotion campaigns. You will be able to include more features and functionalities in the initial development phase as compared with the opportunities granted by a standard development contract.

Free UX consulting and Design package

Above all, a startup has to trigger a ‘wow’ effect. Unfortunately, budgeting restrictions cannot allow sufficient investments in UI/UX design. OCSICO is at the forefront to assist young startups in creating aesthetically great prototypes and full-scale projects. We can present you with our special offer to get free UI design and UX consulting.


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